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Women Sunglasses

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More About Reselling Women Sunglasses

Sunglasses,goggles, or shades! You can call them by any name. They are a style statement that has become necessary for us. There was the notion over centuries, that they are made for protection from the sunlight as well as other discomforting lights. but now it has taken place as an accessory for both men and women rather than just protecting your eyes from bright sunlight. You can see everyone, nowadays, wearing sunglasses according to the occasion and their face cut. You find a wide range of sunglasses online on Meesho according to your choice at an amazing affordable price.

Types Of Latest Sunglasses For Women

Sunglasses add a style to your overall attire, Don’t they ?. From Hollywood to Bollywood, sunglasses have played a vital role in creating iconic looks. Remember the Dabang Style sunglasses or the men in black glasses?

There are different types of shapes, and styles of sunglasses you should know about before buying them. Here are some of the most trending sunglasses.

Aviator/ Pilot Sunglasses -

This is a type of classic sunglasses. The lens is oval in shape but it is narrow near the nose bridge. They usually come in big sizes. The frame comes in colors like golden, silver you can choose the one that suits you better. This is a unisex glasses perfect for women.

Butterfly Sunglasses -

These are a type of dramatic shades just like butterfly wings. Big enough to cover your eyes and eyebrows. They look extremely attractive on women.

Cat-eye Sunglasses -

These are fashion-inspired sunglasses. They have upswept outer edges and are a type of retro feminine sunglasses. Pair it with any casual dress and you’re good to go. Perfect for women.

Square Sunglasses -

Just like its name, it is a big square-shaped lens perfect for the day, you can get colored lenses in blue, green, etc in a full rim frame. These are also unisex.

Rectangle Sunglasses -

Rectangle frames can come in various frame sizes like small or big. You can select your preferred size according to your face. Commonly used in sports.

Round Sunglasses -

This is a classic and sassy pair of shades with a round lens and frame perfect for a day out. Does not suit all face types, so choose wisely. These are also unisex.

How To Select Best Sunglasses For Women According To Your Attire

Sunglasses can add a style in your attire, but choosing the correct pair sunglasses according to attire is very much necessary.

Jacket -

Jacket is best to go with any type of sunglasses. Pair any type of sunglasses with a black lens with a jacket especially the leather jacket.

Jeans -

For a woman pair butterfly, cat eyes sunglasses with jeans

Dress -

Dress is very easy to style, select any shape of sunglasses, try to experiment with geometrical shapes like rectangle, square, etc.

Bridal -

For the “to be bride'' or someone attending any bridal party these are very much trendy to wear sunglasses in the event or for the photoshoot. Try some glasses with the stonework or design side frame etc.

Gown -

Get some vintage style sunglasses with color framed to create a drama.

Skirt -

Skirt is difficult to style with glasses but pair classic sleek slim sunglasses with a pencil skirt will do justice for your attire.

Add A Dash Of Style With Goggles Or Sunglasses

Most of the women don’t use makeup or any ornament accessories for experimenting but shades are something that you can own in different styles and play with your look. In Meesho you can find popular designs from sophisticated to casual. You can go with Alloy, Aluminium, Metal, Nylon, Others, Plastic, Polycarbonate, Stainless steel frame, etc.

Shades that suits best are metal, round, aviators, reflectors, wayfarers, cat eyes, etc.

How To Care For Your Sunglasses

  • Caring for sunglasses is very simple and easy but can still be ignored. Protect your sunglasses from getting scratch or any kind of damages so that they can look good for a longer time.
  • Don’t keep your sunglasses anywhere; like on the floor, table, hanging them on a shirt. Use the sunglass box or its cover.
  • Always wipe your sunglasses before and after using. Be careful while wiping so that you don’t put scratches on your glasses.
  • Never put your glasses facing the lens down. Or touch your lens with your finger. It will put fingerprints and dust in it.

How To Buy The Right Pair Of Sunglasses Online?

Getting the right pair of shades is not that difficult all you need to know is an occasion and your face shape.

Different types of occasions help to select the perfect style for the attire and face shape helps to select the perfect shades for your face.

Perfect Shades According To Your Face

  • Square Shape -

    Women should go for the square, aviator, oversized frame sunglasses
  • .
  • Round Shape -

    For women, they should go with the round shape and sport frame for a perfect fit.
  • .
  • Oval Shape -

    for women aviators, cat eye, retro will be the perfect fit. It will give a beautiful and attractive look for them.
  • .
  • Heart Shape -

    for women should go cat-eye, round, geometrical it will give them a unique look.
  • .


  • If your face is small in size then select a small frame.
  • .
  • If your face is big in size then select a big size frame.
  • .

Get The Latest Sunglasses For Women Online At The Best Price

If you are wondering where to get those classic funky stylish sunglasses to add to your accessories? Then Meesho brings you a wide range of sunglasses of all types of glasses. Browse for trendy style sunglasses and shop for the best sunglasses online.

What is the starting price for Women Sunglasses?

The typical starting price for Women Sunglasses is Rs. 123. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 858 Women Sunglasses on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Women Sunglasses?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Women Sunglasses: Polarized Sunglasses, Wayfarer Sunglasses, Square Sunglasses, Rectangular Sunglasses, Cateye Sunglasses,

How can I buy Women Sunglasses online?

You can browse over 858 options for Women Sunglasses online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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