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Fashionate Writing Pads
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Fashionable Writing Pads
Fashionable Writing Pads
    Fashionate Writing Pads



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    Name : Fashionate Writing Pads

    Type : Graph & Data Pads

    Net Quantity (N) : 2

    Canvas pads contain cotton canvas that has been primed, cut into sheets, and bound into pads. Another type of canvas pad contains canvas paper, which has a texture resembling linen or cotton canvas and has been treated with gesso or another barrier material to help it absorb paints evenly. Oil and acrylic paints work well on the canvas sheets (or faux canvas sheets) in these pads, and finished artwork can be framed in the same way as stretched canvases or canvas panels. Some canvas pads are also treated to accept watercolor paints. Canvas pads are great for quick sketches and studies, as an alternative to bulky framed canvases or panels — or for artists looking for a more portable painting solution.

    Country of Origin : India

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