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Fashion Being Revolutionized by Studded Jeans for Women

Women today are ultra-conscious of their appeal and charisma through the art of fashion. Even in the world of social media, there are more and more women fashion influencers on the rise who are changing the age-old facets of fashion written by coming up with their version of what style looks like from their perspective.

Out of the many trends that have come up in the women’s fashion circuit – one of the latest favorites of designers and commoners alike is a pair of studded flare jeans for women. Be it the latest boho or indo-western or an American pop collection that designers are curating, embellishments on jeans have become a raging favorite amidst the relevant crowd. Women sure are enjoying experimenting with the best trends in the world of fashion.

What are Studded Jeans?

Even though the studded jeans for ladies collection is fairly new and can be termed as the latest twist in the game of denim, women had started sporting this style way back. The concept is one of the best styles to have cropped up for women, but for women, they have already had many looks surrounding this style of denim.

To put it simply – this pair of jeans is dipped in a washed black wash and then embedded with various studs and embellishments such as rhinestones, sparkly encrusting, or even pearl if one is going for a more androgynous outlook.

How to Style Studded Jeans?

There are plenty of styling tips for jeans, just like when men don them and strut down a street. Some of the basic styling with these jeans that can never go wrong is pairing it up with a classic solid white t-shirt with a round neck.

If you are a fan of one of the latest style trends of layering, then you might as well throw in a light-colored blazer on top of your t-shirt that would complement the jeans but In a subtle manner. Or if you are completely in the mood to get a punk-rock vibe, then pairing it up with some graphic or distressed T-shirt would also look quite cool.

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