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India is one of the richest countries in terms of cultures and traditions. Every specific region has something spectacular to offer, be it as different cuisine, rituals, or clothing. In spite of such drastic differences, there is something that binds our country together - our love for readymade sarees.

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The nine-yard of elegance is something that every Indian woman cherishes and holds close to her heart. All thanks to our mothers, readymade sarees are not just something draped around our waists, it has a deeper emotional connection for us. So, if you love readymade sarees as much as we do and are looking to broaden your current collection, you’re exactly in the right place.

Look Stylish And Feel Comfortable With Pre-Stitched Readymade Sarees

Though loved and adored by several women, the quintessential Indian sarees are a huge task to wear as well as carry. From the tedious process of draping a saree, to the innumerable safety pins that go in securing the saree in place, wearing a saree is way outside everyone’s league. But with advancement in fashion technology and the inevitable shift towards comfort, if you look hard enough you might just find some amazingly stunning readymade or pre-stitched sarees. Meesho offers a selection of readymade sarees like no other. Keep up with all the latest trends by shopping from Meesho!

What Are Readymade Or Stitched Saree Designs?

TSarees are basically nine yards of uninterrupted pieces of fabrics that are draped around a woman’s body in a certain way. The most famous draping style includes having impeccable pleats on the front and a Pallu in the back. Draping a saree can be tiresome and requires a lot of practice that contemporary women lack. To suit the lifestyle of a modern woman, readymade sarees or stitched sarees came into being. A readymade saree is already pleated at the front and secured with stitches. Since the main headache of draping a saree is gone, you can focus on other things. A readymade saree comes in several designs, prints, colors, and fabrics. From elaborate 3D embroidery readymade sarees, to a daily wear cotton readymade saree, Meesho has it all.

Latest Types Of Readymade Sarees

Cotton Readymade Saree - India’s relationship with cotton is not new. In fact cotton is one among those fabrics that makes an essential, almost indispensable part of the Indian fashion landscape. Accepted and adored by women across the globe, cotton is not only in vogue, but also essentially comfortable and made for hot and humid weather conditions.The hot and humid summer season in India can make you want to say goodbye to heavy saree. But did you know that there is a way to look fabulous and still be comfortable? This is the perfect opportunity to add some cool cotton readymade sarees to your collection.

Silk Readymade Saree - Don’t we all know that silk sarees have been an integral part of South Indian culture since the beginning of time? With the advancement in technology, silk saree has become a household name in the South Indian region. Every quintessential Indian woman owns at least one silk saree in her closet. Why not be comfortable and get yourself a gorgeous readymade silk saree instead.

Chiffon Readymade Saree - A lot of stunning Bollywood actresses choose a readymade chiffon saree to look magnificently elegant and graceful. It is the material that makes all the difference. When it comes to readymade sarees, nothing can compare to the sophisticated charm of a Chiffon saree. Get yourself a readymade chiffon saree today from Meesho and look like a Bollywood diva.

Embroidered Readymade Saree - If you’re looking for a rather fancy readymade saree than a readymade embroidered saree should be your go to option. From elaborate 3D embroidery to elegant Chikankari embroidery, there are literally so many readymade embroidered sarees to choose from, yet so little time. The fabulous art of embroidery is an intricate process that requires embellishing fabrics with thread or yarn using needles. Embroidery has been a renowned practice in India for many centuries. While embroidered sarees were created exclusively for queens and were out of reach for the commoners for a long time. The high precision involved in creating embroidered patterns come with a heavy price tag. But with the entrance of modern technology, readymade embroidery work sarees are now available to everyone.

Georgette Readymade Saree - With the demand for newer designs and prints on the rise, it’s quite a challenge for designers to choose the right fabric that can support their creative ideas. This is where the Georgette fabric comes to the picture and takes all the credit with its versatile nature. A readymade georgette saree can carry almost every print, color and are quite durable. We offer a huge selection of readymade or pre-stitched georgette sarees online only at Meesho. They are available in an array of colors, prints, and designs.

Get The Latest Readymade Sarees Online At Low Prices On Meesho

TBefore you decide on a readymade saree design for yourself, take a look at as many of Meesho catalogs as possible and shortlist a few styles that appeal to you. We have designs available in Silk, Cotton, Georgette Chiffon, and more and you will find some celebrity-inspired options as well. Also keep the occasion, weather, and venue in mind when you browse for your saree and make sure you do not go overboard with accessories and jewelry.