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Give Your Home A Festive Touch With Our Rangoli Collection

Rangoli is a holy artwork that is usually made using either vibrant colors or flowers on holy and special occasions. This artwork holds a lot of symbolism and is also used to ward off enemies like evil spirits or black magic. Rangoli art is usually made during the festival of Diwali which is celebrated in India. Rangoli is one of the most beautiful art pieces that is made using flowers and vibrant colors on a daily basis by the people of India. Rangoli is supposed to symbolize the beauty of life. The celestial bodies and their glow represent the sacredness of the day. The floor art is created for festivals and celebrations in India. Sometimes it is used to decorate the entrance of the house. It is also used to decorate the mandap during the wedding ceremony. Some of the designs are so complex that it takes hours to make it. Some of the designs are simple and can be created even by children. The designs may be either floral or geometric. These are used as a symbolic representation of the presence of divinity in our life. The main reason for using rangoli is to pray or shower their blessings upon the family.

Rangoli Stickers

Traditionally, rangolis were made using powders of different colors, but today, you can use readymade rangoli stickers in order to save yourself time! With these stickers, you can incorporate your own designs on them and make them completely one-of-a-kind. Here are some of the benefits of using rangoli stickers:

With these rangoli stickers, you don't have to worry about the powders messing up the floor or staining your clothes. Also, since you don't have to bend down to make the design, it saves you a lot of time!

Rangoli Powders and Dispensers

Many people find making rangolis using powders or flowers to be very therapeutic and use it as a way to think through problems or just relax. No matter what your reason for wanting to learn it, you can find a rangoli powder and dispenser online at Meesho. There are many different colors and designs that you can choose from, so once you decide on the colors you'll want to use, you can begin your design.

Buy Top Quality Rangoli Accessories Online at Low Prices

With the onset of the festive season, Meesho is now offering you the option to buy rangoli colors and rangoli kits online. You can now order a variety of rangoli stickers and rangoli making ingredients and dispensers online at low prices. Our new selection of products are made of the highest quality materials and are available at the lowest prices in the market. Check out these affordable ones for yourself today on Meesho!