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Quinoa - A Healthy And Wholesome Item To Add To Your Diet

Quinoa is an ancient grain eaten for thousands of years by the Incan civilization. It is very high in protein and fibre. It has a nutty flavour and is extremely versatile. It can be cooked in water or milk. It is a great alternative to couscous or rice. It can be used in sweet or savoury recipes. It is gluten-free. There are many reasons for this popularity. Some of these reasons include the increased interest in plant-based foods, an increased interest in whole grains and interest in gluten-free foods. Many people don't know anything about quinoa other than it's a grain that comes from South America. In this blog, we will be talking about what quinoa is, why it is so popular with consumers and how it can be used.

Origin Of Quinoa

Quinoa is an edible seed, botanically a fruit, of the goosefoot species of the plant family Amaranthaceae. The plant is native to the Andean region of South America, in what is now Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Chile. It is a pseudo-cereal, or pseudo-grain, as it is not grass. For thousands of years, quinoa has been a staple food for the people of the Andean mountains, especially the Quechua and Aymara. It has been a food staple in many countries of South America, both as a cooked cereal and as an unprocessed seed. Quinoa recipes are closely related to species such as beetroot, spinach, and tumbleweeds and are often referred to as a "superfood" because of their nutritional content.

Some Quinoa Benefits That You Should be Aware Of

Quinoa Is A High Source Of Protein

Quinoa benefits include that (pronounced keen-wa) it is a gluten-free, high-quality protein. A good source of carbohydrates. It is high in thiamin, niacin, and vitamin B6, which are necessary for energy production. It is also a good source of iron, riboflavin, and magnesium, which aid in the production of haemoglobin and blood cells, muscle control, and nerve impulse transmission. In addition to being a good source of essential amino acids, quinoa is a source of iron and is a good source of magnesium and iron.

Rich Source Of Antioxidants

Quinoa is rich in antioxidants, but most gluten-free products are not. That’s one of the reasons why quinoa is the grain of choice for the gluten-free diet. Antioxidants protect cell membranes and the body’s DNA from the damage of unstable molecules known as free radicals. Free radicals are formed during normal bodily processes, such as breathing, as well as from exposure to the sun, pollution, and other sources. Antioxidants help to get rid of free radicals.

Healthy Quinoa Recipies You Should Try

Quinoa Upma 

This healthy Quinoa recipe - Upma is a traditional Indian dish made with semolina and is usually served for breakfast with some green chutney. This is usually made for special occasions and it's a bit of a process to make it, so it's not a dish that you'd make every day. It's gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan, making it appropriate for an array of dietary restrictions. It's also a really healthy dish, which makes it great for anyone looking to start the day off with a good, nutritious meal.

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