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    Material : Aluminium

    Shape : Round

    Surface Coating : Non Stick.

    Product Breadth : 31 Cm

    Product Height : 27 Cm

    Product Length : 37 Cm

    Pack Of : Pack Of 2

    Nirlon kitchenware, provides better performance of even heat distribution and warp resistance, releasing foods effortlessly. Healthy nonstick coating for cooking. Don't need to worry about unhealthiness. The high quality nonstick interior allows you to cook with minimal oils or fat, for healthier meals. Besides, it doesn't leach any nasty chemicals as it's ptfe, pfoa, cadmium and lead free. Ergonomic Bakelite handles. Don't need to worry about uncomfortable handles. High quality and Bakelite handles are ergonomically designed for comfortable grip. Handles are designed to minimize heat transfer. But they may get hot during persistent overheating. Use caution and do not preheat on a high setting. Product features : Nirlon nonstick coating is healthy. Pfoa/ptfe/lead/cadmium free. Stylish non stick finish is durable and highly scratch resistant. Heavy gauge aluminum construction provides outstanding even heat distribution and warp resistance. Suitable for all hobs except induction. Dishwasher safe. Premium grade Bakelite offer comfortable grip. Brand: Nirlon. Material: Pure aluminum and Bakelite handle. Dimension: Deep kadhai 24.5cm, tapper pan 20cm. Thickness: 2.6 mm. Package content: Deep kadhai big, tapper pan. Switch to healthy cooking by nirlon kitchenware.

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