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Up Your Fashion Game With Nail Art

Whether you are bored at home or you just got a manicure done, it is always a good idea to have pretty nail art on. Be it simple nail art designs that can be done at home or elegant salon-style designs from parlours, there is always something new that adds some beauty to your hands. As days go by, we come across various designs with beautiful intricate patterns and those that just keep us amazed by their beauty at all times. 

Ranging from cute, chic designs for everyday use to classy, sleek designs for special occasions, there is a wide variety out there in the world. Here are some of the most amazing nail art designs that can be done at home as DIYs or with some help from the beauticians at the parlours that you would always love to flaunt.

Amazing Nail Art Designs That Will Steal Your Heart

Galaxy Design Nail Art

This beautiful nail art looks just like a magical and starry night sky with a few simple steps that can be super easily done at home and would never fail to amaze. With a thin black coat and some blue and purple mixed glitter nail enamel paints as added layers of multiple coats on the top, you’ll have this beautiful style on all nails or a single nail and have the rest of the nails with black nail paint to create the style.

Stripes Nail Art

Be it nails of any length; stripes never fail to create the minimalistic effect that's an evergreen trend of all times. To create this particular look, apply a thick coat of a dark based nail colour like black, dark shades of blues, greens or greys and then take a paintbrush with thin bristles to add stripes of contrasting colour like golden, white, reds as you want to create a great effect. Not necessarily dark colours as the base, you can experiment with any colour according to your outfit and choose the colour of the stripes.

Mermaid Scales Nail Art Design

Those in love with beaches and obsessed with aquatic fantasy stories would love this design and it is a must for them. First use a plain base nail paint like shades of blues, white or black. You can simply use any net-like fabric or even the loofah from your bathroom to get the design of the scaly pattern using glitter nail paints. You can either use a single colour or use different textures by applying the nail paints on a sponge and then dabbing it over the cloth. With these simple steps, you can get the perfect mermaid look easily without much hassle.

Pastel Love Nail Art

For those in love with pastels, this look is perfect for all seasons. Ranging from oranges, reds, blues, greens, greys, black or any colour on the colour palette, pastels never fail to give that classy chic look to match all outfits. You can also give it a little twist with some studs or some small designs like stripes, bands, golden flakes, tiny patterns as your choices.

Also, a tip for those who cannot simply decide a particular colour to settle on here’s a simple trick- Don’t settle for one. You can try the amazing rainbow look with different colours or the same colour with different shades on each nail of the hand in such a way that would make you go gaga over it.

Ink Stained Nail Art

This stunning yet simple look can be created at home using the ink-stained concept or could use some professional help too. To get this look, use base nail paint and then use a brighter or darker cloud using the dry-brushing technique. This not only gives you a bold look but also seems minimalistic at the same time.

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