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Modern Momo Maker
    Modern Momo Maker



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    Material : Aluminium

    Surface Coating : Non Stick.

    Type : Without Steamer

    Product Breadth : 15 Cm

    Product Height : 10 Cm

    Product Length : 15 Cm

    Pack Of : Pack Of 1

    You will never know how much time and effort you can save by using a dumpling tool of easy to clean and has a good seal. It's sturdy and was made of 304 food-grade stainless steel. The bacteria do not adhere to this Substance. You can hang it on the wall or in the box, it takes up a less of space but gives you a lot of help. You can use it to quickly create Empanada, Pierogi, Won-tons, Ravioli, Potstickers, Pastelillo, Gyoza, Fried pie, and some small Desserts, Pastries. Take them to your friends home then show them what's beautiful food! How to use the dumpling maker : ?1. Put the back of the dumpling mold on the dough, press and rotate the cut dough. ?2. Take out the chopped dumpling skin. ?3. Place the cut dumpling skin on the mold and pay attention to the position. ?4. Put the filling in the middle of the skin, don't put too much. ?5. Use a little force to close the mold and press it tightly. ?6. Complete the beautiful folds. Tips: If the edges of the dumpling are not tight enough, because the flour each one used is different in viscosity, you can try to make the edges of the dumplings a little wet. (use the water things or eggs ) then pressed the mold again to help seal better than before. Package includes: 1 x Big dumpling maker (3.75 inch inside diameter)

    Country of Origin : India

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