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    Material : Synthetic

    Sole Material : Rubber

    Our wide variety of formal, casual and athletic footwear is made keeping you in mind. Available in a plethora of colours, shapes and materials, S KLAS shoes have been crafted with the single-minded objective of comfort, style and longevity. All of this at a price you simple can’t say no to.

    Sizes : 

    IND-7 (Foot Length Size : 26.4 cm, Foot Width Size: 8.8 cm)

    IND-6 (Foot Length Size : 25.6 cm, Foot Width Size: 8.6 cm)

    IND-10 (Foot Length Size : 28.8 cm, Foot Width Size: 9.4 cm)

    IND-9 (Foot Length Size : 28 cm, Foot Width Size: 9.2 cm)

    IND-8 (Foot Length Size : 27.2 cm, Foot Width Size: 9 cm)

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    Country of Origin : India

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    Shanti shoes exportes 2.9

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