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Mirror Work Kurtis

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Celebrate In Style With Heavy Mirror Work Kurtis

Sparkly mirror work Kurtis have glamour written all over them! Wearing a classy mirror work Kurti is the best way to commence the festive season. Be it a Diwali party or a wedding function, you can create the perfect blend of tradition and glamour with this interesting outfit. Our lovely collection of designer pieces feature meticulously embellished mirror work patterns all over the fabric to add oodles of sparkle and glamour to the outfit. You won’t need too much jewelry or accessorization with a mirror work Kurti. So get your favorite design and let your outfit do all the talking this festive season.

Beautiful Mirror Work Kurtis Online

The Indian fashion industry is growing very fast, and the latest trends change almost every day. Amongst these fast-changing trends, if one outfit has managed to stay on top and relevant for ages, is Kurtis for women. Kurtis is one of the most comfortable dresses that you can pair with a variety of bottom wear. You can wear it with leggings, palazzo, patiala, and jeans to create an indo-western look. Also, there are many different types of Kurti designs crafted by designers. One thing that never goes out of fashion is the mirror work that comes in various Kurti styles. Right from celebrities to professionals and college going girls, almost everyone falls for this style. 

A Brief History of Mirror Work

The timeless and versatile mirror work can be traced back to the 13th century during the Mughals' era. Otherwise known as Sheesha or Abhala Bharat embroidery, it involves attaching small mirror pieces on the fabric. People believed these mirror pieces would keep the evil eye away and bring in good fortune to the person that wears these clothes. Indian artists excelled in this art form, and soon states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Haryana became the hub of mirror work, which is true even today.

However, you can find reflective luminescent pieces of metal replaced by lighter tinsels on heavyMirror work Kurtis and other attires in recent times. Initially, Mica was used for mirror work and later replaced with thin coins and glass in the twentieth century. Also, cotton was the only fabric used to create such work, but now Mirror work Kurtis designs are available on georgette, silk, chiffon, crepe, and other materials. It is almost customary to have a designer mirror work Kurti, in the wardrobe for women of all ages. 

Why Do Women Love to Wear Mirror Work Kurti Designs?

There are several reasons why women prefer Mirror work Kurtis. The mirror work brightens the dull-looking fabric by providing a shimmering look to the Kurtis. They have remarkable cross-stitch embroidery to keep these mirrors intact. Also, it comes in different shapes such as round, triangle, square, hexagonal, and more that enhance the entire appeal of the garment. Apart from that, here are the top ten reasons women love to wear Mirror work Kurti designs.

Mirror Work Kurtis are classic and vintage: The handmade artistic elements in these Kurtis depict a classic and vintage style. Such style passes from one generation to another because it has survived through time as a 'new' and 'hot' trend.

Mirror work Kurtis price: Kurtis with mirror work on it creates a dramatic and splendid look. However, these Kurtis are not as expensive as they may appear to be. Mirror work Kurtis price may vary depending upon the style and pattern, but most of them are pocket-friendly. 

Mirror work Kurtis come in the gorgeous range: Ethnic to modern, there is no shortage of choice for magnificent mirror work Kurtis across the country. You can also spice up your look by pairing it with western bottom wear and create your evergreen style statement from time to time. 

Mirror work Kurtis are great for different occasions: These Kurti styles are the epitome of versatility; you can wear them for various events. Whether you are going for a formal event, wedding, evening party, or a get-together, Mirror work Kurtis can make you look fab and classy for sure. 

Mirror work Kurtis complement the accessories: Mirror work is not limited to clothing. You can find a wide range of jewellery, clutches, bags, scarves, and other accessories in mirror work. So, match the accessories that you love in the mirror work and create a distinct look. 

Mirror work Kurtis are comfortable and easy to wear: A Kurti is lovely, comfortable, and easier to handle. There is no worry of checking on pallus and pleats, as is the case with sarees. Even heavy Mirror work Kurtis demands no special attention. All you need to do is slip it on and look fantastic.

Mirror work Kurtis saves time: In today's world, where women hardly have time to get ready and manage work simultaneously, these Kurtis act as a saviour. It consumes half the time it takes to wear a saree, lehengas, or salwar kameez. Not to forget, it also enhances the look of the person wearing it.

Mirror work Kurtis does not discriminate: The beauty of mirror work is that it looks incredible on every woman, regardless of colour, age, or shape. No matter if you are a school going teen, young professional, married woman, or a grandma, Mirror work Kurtis will only enhance your charm on any occasion. 

Get Mirror work Kurtis Online: Mirror work Kurtis knows no geographical boundary. Of course, they are crafted mainly in some Indian states, but thanks to online shops like Meesho, every person has access to these beautiful art pieces. Choose from a wide range of designs, patterns, styles, and price ranges available worldwide and add some bling to your wardrobe. 

Mirror work Kurtis stands out in the crowd: Even though mirror work looks basic, it successfully creates your style statement in the crowd. Mirror work designs on the neck area, on the sleeves, and bottom of your Kurtis specifically add to your look's overall appeal. 

There is no denying that Mirror work Kurtis makes you look more elegant, graceful, and vibrant. However, you must be careful about how you wash, store, and handle such artwork. Mirror work Kurtis requires special attention; here are some tips on how to care for mirror work.

How to Care for Mirror Work Kurtis?

  • Ensure you store your Kurtis away from direct sunlight, as it may fade your fabric's colour. 
  • Avoid storing your Kurtis in a place without moisture. Make sure your wardrobe is clean and dry. 
  • Wrap the Kurti in a thin cotton cloth for extra protection if you have heavy Mirror work Kurtis.
  • Never wash your Mirror work Kurtis in the washing machine. It may lead to tearing the piece and fading of colour.
  • Try to dry clean it, especially if the fabric is delicate, expensive, and has heavy mirror work on it. 
  • Make sure to wear a sweat pad under your armpit to avoid discolouration in the Kurti. 

Where Can I Find the Latest Mirror Work Kurti Design? 

If you are looking to buy the latest Mirror work Kurtis and other Indian ethnic outfits, visit India's best online fashion store Meesho. Choose from the vast collection of mirror work at Meesho that will speak the language of eternal grace and take you back to your roots. Try and get access to this beautiful artwork and keep this collection alive for the sake of the generations that follow. That is the least we can do to take this age-old hand-craft forward as our creative artisans innovate to create new, light, and heavy Mirror work Kurtis designs for us!

What is the starting price for Mirror Work Kurtis?

The typical starting price for Mirror Work Kurtis is Rs. 273. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 2951 Mirror Work Kurtis on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Mirror Work Kurtis?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Mirror Work Kurtis: A-line Kurtis, Long Anarkali Kurtis, Kurti Plazo Set, Cotton Anarkali Kurtis, Cotton Kurtis,

How can I buy Mirror Work Kurtis online?

You can browse over 2951 options for Mirror Work Kurtis online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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