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Makeup Setting Spray

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Isnt it annoying when yur makeup slides off within a couple of hours after you step out? Imagine putting all that time in getting your makeup look just right only to see it disappear or smudge during the day. A makeup setting spray can solve this problem for you. This is a must have product, specifically for those who live in hotter climates. Invest in a setting spray now to help your makeup stay in place all day, everyday.

Keep your makeup looking sleek with a makeup setting spray

We know this for a fact that makeup setting spray is the key to wearing long-wearing makeup. Before you head out of that door for that glitzy affair, just spritz your face with a cool and natural makeup setting spray to avoid budging, flaking, or smudging. 

But, many still have misconceptions about this beauty product. They want to know if this works as a makeup setting technique or is it just another marketing gimmick. Let us read about it more to get a clearer picture of the workability of makeup setting sprays.

How to choose the right makeup spray

Makeup setting sprays also defined as finishing spray or setting mist, are used after you’ve applied all your beauty products like primer, concealer, bronzer, blush, foundation, mascara, and eyeshadow to lock in your makeup look.

Dry Skin

For Dry skin, you can opt for an extra hydrating makeup setting spray like the coconut water–infused. You should be avoiding sprays with alcohol content which could irritate your skin.

Oily Skin

For oily skin, you can opt for a matte setting spray or an oil-free spray that can curb excess oil and won't clog your skin pores. An appropriate makeup spray will keep excess shine at bay and reduce the need for oil-blotting sheets or constant touch-ups.

Sensitive Skin

For sensitive skin, you should opt for a gentle option, which refreshes your complexion without irritating it. Makeup spray with a dewy finish containing natural ingredients is recommended for sensitive skin as it can dry down to a glistening finish

Natural Sprays

They may contain a range of polymers to hold your makeup resolutely and water to hydrate the skin. Some sprays may also contain natural skincare ingredients, like oil-free ingredients for oily skin or hyaluronic acid for dry skin. It is also an ideal choice for sensitive skin as makeup sprays never encounter the skin. These sprays are easily available online in every type and category.

Alcohol-Free Setting Sprays

You can use an alcohol-free setting spray, especially if you have dry skin. It boosts oxygenation and enhances the skin's hydration which makes the complexion look radiant, even-toned, and smooth. It still is debatable as many women feel that the performance of an alcohol-based setting spray is better as it has more staying power.

Confusion between makeup setting spray and primer

It’s a misconception that makeup setting spray and primer are the same things as they are both known for holding makeup. But this is not true. Makeup primers are generally formulated as gels, creams, and sprays and are a pre-makeup application to provide an even base for your skin. On the contrary, makeup setting spray is the final step to lock in your finishing touch. You can buy both from your preferred online shop or brand.

How to use makeup setting spray

Makeup setting spray is used as the finishing touch to your beauty regime after you’ve finished applying your make-up. Let’s go step by step:

Step 1: Wash your face with a good cleanser and rinse your face thoroughly.

Step 2: Apply a moisturizer, preferably the one that has hyaluronic acid and aloe vera for long-lasting hydration.

Step 3: Start with a primer depending on your skin type and choosing the kind of finish you desire - glowing or matte. A glowing primer is apt for dry skin, while a matte primer is for oily skin.

Step 4: Use desired concealers, blenders, and colour correctors to work on your complexion and even out the colour.

Step 5: The next step is to apply the foundation using rolling and dabbing motions to blend it onto your skin.

Step 6: Work on those lashes with a fibre-filled mascara after hydrating them with a primer.

Step 7: Colour those lips and turn them into a pretty looking pout. For best results, you can use a lip scrub before applying colour and use a lip-liner to accentuate the shape.

Step 8: This is the last step which involved spritzing a makeup setting spray to set your look. You just need to spray it evenly, and you don’t have to worry about it fading away. This is how you should use it:

  • First, shake the bottle of the makeup setting spray.
  • Hold the spray 6-8 inches away from your face.
  • Apply the makeup setting spray using an X and T-shaped motion avoiding the eyes.
  • You can use it 3-4 times and then let it dry naturally.
  • You are ready with that perfect makeup look you don’t even have to worry about.

Alternative Uses and Hacks for makeup setting spray

Besides locking-in make-up proficiently, there are some amazing alternate uses and hacks for which a makeup setting spray can be effectively used. You can incorporate the following using your makeup setting spray:

  • Make eyeshadow More Vibrant by applying a bit of your makeup setting spray on your concealer brush and eyeshadow brush to brighten up your eyeshadow colour. The accessories can be bought online from the top-selling websites.
  • Choose a makeup setting spray with SPF and apply it as a Sunscreen which is perfect for outdoor and daytime parties.
  • Spritz it lightly on your makeup and foundation sponge for the ultimate budge-proof face makeup.
  • You can try dabbing your makeup setting spray on your eyeliner (just carefully dab a little, protecting your eyes from it) and lipstick for a longer-lasting effect.
  • You can use it on your eyebrow brush to make it look more expressive and bolder. Initially, it may feel a little moist, but on drying, it will look magnificent.

Benefits of applying a Makeup Setting Spray

Most makeup setting sprays work well on all skin types and are easily available online. There are many advantages of applying a makeup setting spray which are:

Keeping skin matte

The air-conditioned environment gives a certain oiliness to your makeup, and it can dab. A good spray will combat this keep the skin matte

Hydrates the skin

Specifically, in the case of dry skin, makeup setting sprays hydrate the skin and provide an extra boost to its moistened look.

Intensifies your foundation finish

Not only enhancing a mattified look, a branded and good makeup setting spray which can be bought online can give a dewy glow and helps your makeup stay longer while staying invisible itself.

Extending your makeup’s staying power

This is the main objective of your makeup setting spray, especially if you're partying for long hours, just off the floor, or going to a gym, your diligent spray will prolong the look.

Lowers the temperature of the face.

Normally, makeup setting sprays are framed with cooling technology. Generally, the average temperature of your facial skin hovers around 90 degrees, but with makeup, it can result in oiliness due to which can start melting. The makeup setting sprays lowers the temperature of your face and makes the look stay for longer hours.

Contributes to a refreshed and luminous look.

Many women feel, it is not necessary to use a makeup setting spray, as a primer can do the same job. Well! Primers are more attentive to preparing the skin for makeup application. But makeup setting spray is for longer wear and generates a reinvigorated and incandescent look.

Lock in that glam by buying a top-quality makeup setting spray Online on Meesho

Setting spray is also called fixing spray, which can be in the form of mist or spray and is a sturdy back up for your makeup so that you don’t have to frequently visit the ladies’ room for a touch-up. It’s a protective topcoat for your make up and is the last step of your routine. If u think, “is it really necessary”? so the answer is, yes if you don’t want your makeup to smudge, fade or crease, you must use an effective makeup setting spray which can be easily bought online from your favourite brand.

What is the starting price for Makeup Setting Spray?

The typical starting price for Makeup Setting Spray is Rs. #N/A. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 142 Makeup Setting Spray on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Makeup Setting Spray?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Makeup Setting Spray: Face Makeup,

How can I buy Makeup Setting Spray online?

You can browse over 142 options for Makeup Setting Spray online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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