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Madhubani Suits

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More About Reselling Madhubani Suits
Madhubani Suits are set to rule this season! Precisely why Madhubani Suits in eye-catching designs have been dominating the Indian market. Select from a wide range of designs at affordable prices at Meesho.

The Ethnic and Traditional Madhubani Suits

Madhubani art began in the Mithila, a place in Bihar, and can be seen, in Hindu books and epics like in the Ramayana. Madhubani suits are quite a fashion these days, in a fresh range of color combinations, soft shades of the original form with hand-painted pallu and the Mithila art on Madhubani painted suits that depict the heritage and culture.

The art and painting are done with fingers, pointy pens, branches, and matchsticks, creating various scenes and idols from old stories highlighting their existence in old times.

Features of Madhubani Suits

  1. The quintessential artistic Madhubani print suit makes women stand out. These portray bright, earthy tones and contrasting patterns. The detailed threadwork is unique and extraordinary. The designs and patterns include mythological patterns and motifs of natural elements, like the sun, animals, bamboos, trees, and flowers.
  2. You can wear Madhubani painting suits for various cultural and social events like weddings, sacred ceremonies, and baby showers. The aristocracy in these suits is simply excellent for formal events.
  3. Give that perfect touch of culture to yourself in an eye-catching geometric pattern on canvas and cloth-like Mithila painting or handmade paper.
  4. You can customize the suit sleeve design as per your preference, like the famous Bollywood celebrities who have donned these suits for various events.
  5. Wear Madhubani print suits with matching beaded or terracotta jewelry for a more glamorous style.
  6. Madhubani saree is made with various colors or gorgeous traditional Madhubani hand painting on Kota Doria handloom saree.
  7. The Madhubani painting has five different styles such as Bharni, Kachni, Tantrik, Kohbar, and Godna.
  8. A dry wash of the suits is advised to maintain its hand-painted charm.
  9. You will find an exclusive collection of gorgeous suits from traditional to embroidered and printed to plain in a variety of designs, color combinations, styles, and patterns according to your preferences.

Feel Close to Indian Heritage With Traditional Suits

This ethnic Saree, with its rustic charisma, is perfect Indian wear that symbolizes the rich heritage of India since ancient times. Each Madhubani saree is a special piece of elegant art.

The unique combination of art and rich fabric will make you look stylish and stay comfortable all day. You can buy Madhubani suits online at Meesho to make your persona impressive and help you in flaunting your style.