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 Light Mini Folding Compact Pocket Umbrella with Lovely Capsule Case (Multicolor)
    Light Mini Folding Compact Pocket Umbrella with Lovely Capsule Case (Multicolor)



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    Material : Plastic

    Multipack : 1

    The mini umbrella comes with a stylish waterproof case that is just over inch long. After you've used the umbrella then give it a shake, pop it in the case, and then you can throw it into your bag or car without water getting everywhere. There is high-tech Nano Polymer Compound in the outermost coating layer. Its excellent water-repellency helps you shake most water off and put it back to your purse easily after use. In addition, the layer prevents 95% of the UV. Excellent heat insulation effect ensures you every comfortable and safe traveling in hot weather. Flexible fiberglass and 6-rib of aluminum alloy design, Frosted rubberized handle and a wrist strap for easy carrying and control in windy conditions, this brings you a lasting sense of comfortable grip. Fully blocks heat and harsh UV rays with intensive black vinyl coating, prevents 95% of the UV. Why choose us : Are you reluctant to take a big, heavy and stupid umbrella when having a travel? Are you looking for a portable, durable, lightweight and stylish umbrella all the time? This umbrella is a perfect combination of portability, protection and durability. This cool umbrella is Mini size, fold-able to 18 cm / 7 inch and weighs only 200 grams/0.44lb including the waterproof case.Besides, compact design can easily be store in your bag or pocket.

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