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Kurta Saree

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How to accessorize a Kurta Saree

The Saree is the long-standing icon of female fashion in India and carries with it great culture, heritage, and storied history. Being the cornerstone of fashion for women all over India, people have, over the centuries, found extremely creative ways to drape it around themselves. One of the most stylish modern renditions of the Saree that has emerged recently is the classy Kurta Saree. A product of bringing heritage and modern fashion together, it can fit almost any occasion, and especially stands out at parties.

You can have access to the latest and best designer Sarees, but without appropriate accessories to go with them, the quest to shop kurta saree design online can sometimes fall flat. Here are a few ideas to consider adding to help turn your next Party outfit into one people will be sure to remember.

Make a statement with your Jewelry

Vintage and classical jewellery has always been a huge part of the Indian fashion tradition, and the latest fad is to embrace these traditions to create a look that stuns and inspires. 

However, if heavy jewellery is not your cup of tea, you can always go for a minimalist statement that highlights the kurta saree more than the ornamentation around it. If you’re going for a simple look, invest in a statement piece of earrings or a necklace that can hold up a good look by itself. Sometimes, less is more.

Waist Belts

Waist Belts are, in a way, the perfect companions to the Kurta Saree. A pillar of both Indian and western fashion, it is essentially the accessory version of the outfit and incidentally goes amazing well with this style of the saree too.

Jacket Blouses

Jacket Blouses, much like waist belts, are bold but surprisingly appropriate additions to an outfit based on a kurta saree design. They go especially well with the simple jewellery and make-up look and add a touch of vintage class to your modern outfit.

Ethnic Handbags

Ethnic handbags that go well with your Saree of choice can go a long way in adding to the classy and timeless look your outfit will have.

Where can you find the perfect Kurta Saree?

To go with all these intricate and extravagant accessories, you need the perfect Saree. Buy Kurta Saree online at Meesho, one of India’s largest and most customer-friendly e-commerce sites. It makes shopping a breeze by providing options you can scroll through forever for prices you’ll never regret.