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High Neck Blouse

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Everything You Need to Know About a High Neck Blouse Designs

The high neck blouse design is one of the most underrated types of blouse out there. In a world filled with simple and sobers clothing, this small change in the conventional blouse design will give you a glamorous look. 

This design is the perfect match for any occasion -- be it an ethnic gathering, a party, or a special event. The high neck saree blouse is here to stay. 

High Neck Blouse Designs You Must Try Once 

Chinese Collar High Neck Blouse 

The Chinese or Mandarin collar is one of the most popular high neck saree blouse designs. These are a perfect balance of simple and elegant with a unique flip. This kind of blouse complements any body type and age group. 

The choice of colours and patterns on them can give it both a casual or sophisticated look. This high neck blouse design is a perfect match for any occasion and works beautifully with any kind of sarees. 

Boat Cut High Neck Blouse

As the name suggested, the boat-cut blouse is a type of high neck saree blouse where the neckline is very close to the neck. This run is a very, very wide arch between the collar bones. The look is classy and gives a royal outlook when made to perfection. 

This type of cut can be used with any kind of saree and looks beautiful on lean and tall women in particular. The boat-cut also allows playing with patterns and designs on the high neck blouse design front and back.

High Neck Blouse With Long Sleeves 

A design that many would call dated but has made a return in our lives. The longer sleeves are a style statement that will never go out of fashion when matched with the perfect saree. These can be both a full-length sleeve or one ending at the elbows. 

If you were to look at any of the high neck blouse designs photos of this style, you would notice the sleeves provide more space for embodies and design-work. The long-sleeves might not be for everyone but are a design to try once. 

Jacket Style High Neck Saree Blouse

The jacket-style blouse gets its name from the distinct look of this high neck saree blouse. The jack style of the blouse runs from the neck to the waist like a jacket. This style of saree is ideal for any body-type and makes a bold style statement. 

The long or medium length sleeves of the jacket give the same advantages as the previous one. This blouse style allows you to drape your saree more creatively and allow more attention to the high neck blouse pattern and designs on the fabric.

High Neck Saree Blouse with Zipper

These are a very unconventional choice for a blouse, but one that works wonderfully for a high neck option. If you noticed these highneck blouse designs photos, you would see the zipper works as a design element rather than just a functional add-on. 

The zipper blouse can also be mixed and matched with any of the designs mentioned earlier to provide a stunning head-turner of a design. These zipper houses usually come with embroideries or intricate zari work. 

Tapered High Neck Blouse 

The tapered high neck blouse design is that will set you apart in any gathering. The tapered neck usually starts broad and then slowly reduces until the neck, forming a choker necklace design. These designs are traditionally sleeveless or have an off-shoulder treatment. 

This kind of high neck blouse design photos shows the simplicity in the design, which provides a superior elegant look. The tapered neck blouse matched even with a simple saree and is a marvellous attire for any occasion.

High Neck Blouse Patterns That Will Never Go Out Of Style 

Sheer High Neck Blouse Pattern 

If you aim to draw all the eyes to you in any gathering, then the sheer high neck blouse pattern is the one for you. This bold design involves the use of a classy-looking see-through fabric as part of the garment. These are usually made from lace, mesh, or sheer fabric (giving them the name). 

These are partly translucent and usable on a high neck blouse design front and back. The sheer design can also be enhanced using memories and zari work to highlight the shoulders and the neckline.

Floral High Neck Blouse Patterns 

This is one of the most common looks to go for if you wish for a subtle and sober design. The floral patterns are very mellow on the eyes and do not scream for attention. They also blend well in any colour and design. 

The colours of the floral pattern on the high neck blouse design work as an excellent reference for the saree’s colours. The floral print will never go out of style and looks lovely on women of all ages and body-types. 

Royal Prints In High Neck Blouses

Royal prints are those that have grand and larger than life designs inspired from a historic time. The use of elements as seen in ancient Indian paintings and artefacts is the premise of this design quality. 

This high neck blouse pattern included designs like elephants, palanquins, mandala patterns, mango-patterns, and much more. These can also be metallic or fabric embodies that cover the high neck blouse design front and back. 

Embellished High Neck Blouse Patterns 

An embellished high neck saree blouse design is a new trend that has taken the market by storm. This style is the use of decorative ornaments and fixtures on the blouse to make the patterns stand-out. 

These blouses are usually heavier and used on special occasions like bridal wear, sangeet functions, and much more. This form of embellished patterns blends seamlessly on any type of blouse, be it a jacket type or a single high neck blouse design. 

Zari Work High Neck Blouses

Zari work is one of the oldest trends seen on almost any high neck blouse design photos. This pattern uses delicate metallic fabrics to make intricate and exciting designs on the borders of the sleeve, the neckline, or the existing structures. 

Simple art has been part of sarees for many years. In most cases, the saree’s zari is matched to that of the blouse to create a consistent look. 

Find That Perfect High Neck Blouse Design With Us Today

After having the time to look at the diversity and the verticality of these high neck blouse designs, it’s time you pick the one for you. Our enormous collection at Meesho should lead you to the blouse with the perfect fit, colour, and design quality. Make your pick now and set a new style statement.

What is the starting price for High Neck Blouse?

The typical starting price for High Neck Blouse is Rs. 197. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 162 High Neck Blouse on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to High Neck Blouse?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to High Neck Blouse: White Blouses, Ruffles Blouse, Green Blouse, Maggam Work Blouses, Embroidered Blouses,

How can I buy High Neck Blouse online?

You can browse over 162 options for High Neck Blouse online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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