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Men Formal Trousers

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More About Reselling Men Formal Trousers

Men's formal trousers are about looking elegant and staying comfortable. So for any occasion, like to the office, business meetings, or a quiet evening with friends, you need to look well dressed and not too flashy. Men's formal trousers or pants come in a range of fabrics, patterns and colors.

Shop For Classy Formal Trousers For Men Online

Designed with the choicest of fabrics to offer a comfortable, fresh feel, these formal trousers make for perfect daily office wear. Team them with formal shirts and shoes to look effortlessly professional. You can now buy men's formal trousers in India at great prices at our online store.

Casual To Formal With Trousers

Trousers is a general term used in the clothing industry. It is a pair of pants that are tailored. Generally, a trouser is a type of formal clothing widely used for meetings or any other official function. It is tailored to have a waistband with belt loops and also a fly on the front.

Anything from chinos to jeans can be termed as trousers. In some parts of the world, trousers are also called slacks or pants. These days formal trousers for the menare available online to fit you in different price ranges.They are worn on the hips or waist held in place with buttons, elastic bands, a belt, or even suspenders.

Formal Trousers pattern for Men

Usually, these formal pants for men have a fly that can be buttoned or zippered. When tailored, formal men’s pants have one or more pleats just below the waistband and near pockets depending on your choice. Tailors usually hem the bottom ankle part to prevent it from fraying, known as cuffs.

The colour of the trousers should enhance your personality. It is entirely your choice if you need dark or light colours but it must compliment your shirt or t-shirt. Also, you can choose between textured material like checkered, striped, or straight. 

Trending formal pant styles for men

Trousers are becoming more and more popular today, making them a constant member of the shopping lists. Jeans and pants are not the only wardrobe trousers in the market.

If you can’t find them in your local stores, buy them online. Let us take a look at the world of trousers so that you can dress smartly for the season. 

Suit pants

Suit pants or otherwise called dress pants, are a part of a formal suit with a jacket or coat. Evolving from straight and wide-legged pants to slim-legged ones, the journey of suit pants have been interesting.

The most classic style of suit pants is with pleats on the front for better comfort. The waistbands usually are held up at the waist or hips using a belt or suspenders. They are suitable to be worn to any formal or semi-formal occasion. 


Chinos are made from cotton fabric and they originated in China. They are suitable for semi-formal occasions, meaning not too casual, like jeans, and not too formal, like suits either.

Chinos became famous in the US when the soldiers from the Spanish-American war returned in their twill military trousers. They are the perfect wear to give a business casual look, and it promises you the much-needed comfort.

Formal Linen Trousers

Linen trousers were considered old-school and old-fashioned for a long time, but designers have given them a new look.

With the new fit shapes, tapered hems, and the fashionable leg lines, they are a great choice as office wear. They are easy to maintain as they do not crease a lot like cotton pants. 

Buy stylish formal trousers for men online 

When you are about to buy a pair of trousers, you should consider some things. The pants or trousers are primary anchors for a good suit, so you must get perfect pants.

The colour of the suit matters. It is always best to have a matching suit jacket and pants along with a complimentary shirt colour for a formal occasion. But before everything, your dress fit is critical.

The waist size should be the right fit, and the measurements should be taken accurately. 

Usually, there are additional buttons if your waist size is a size big or small. Opt for a regular rise fit, and the length of the trousers (inseams) should be measured from the crotch to your ankle. For instance, let us say your waist size is 34, then the inseam will be 30 according to universal measurement. 

Formal pants for men add-ons

Pockets - Straight slit pockets are widespread along the trousers’ sides as it helps in camouflaging the pockets even when it is stuffed. Sometimes, slanted pockets are tailored. 

Pleats - Today, the pants have a flat front. Pleats or no pleats is your choice. Pleats are usually stitched to show the formality in your appealing look. It is most suited for slim and fit men, but it helps create an appropriate look for slightly bulkier men as well.

Hem - Ideally, if you have pleats, it is better to have cuffs, and if you have a flat front, then you might want to go without cuffs. Hemmed cuffs are popular in formal trousers, but they are moresuitable for tall men.

Break - This is the part where the trouser meets the shoe. It has been a trend to wear long pants, which will end up in folds at the break, but this should not be the case in formal wear. Ideally, the trouser bottom should have a slight gap with the shoe top. Today the trend is to have the trouser end by just covering the sock with no cuffs or folds.

Formal Trouser Accessories to complement

Belt - Mostly, men tend to skip a belt without realizing that the entire point of the look is ruined. People think that belt is for adjusting your waist, but this is not the point. Wearing a belt shows a lot about how you like to keep your style. So, it is a must to have a quality leather belt to accentuate your formal style on occasion.

Shoes - Wherever you go, people first notice your shoes. For trousers, any pair of shoes will work, but it is preferred to go classy for formal. The casual loafers, sneakers, and other canvas shoes are good for casual wear, but for looking elegant in a formal suit, it is always better to wear a leather shoe or a pair of classic boots.

Suspenders - Suspenders or braces are entirely optional and subjective to one’s wish. The effective use of suspenders is to hold the trouser in position, but today it is widely accepted for giving a trendy yet classy look. Braces are not necessary but if you feel like wearing them, go for it. 

Why do you need Formal trousers?

Formal pants for men are mostly cotton or linen, which keeps you comfortable for a long time. Whether you are in an office or at a business event, if you are not comfortable and at ease in your clothes, your mood is bound to be off.

Meesho gives you much-needed comfort to boost your confidence. Let's say you have a presentation in the office. Your confidence in presenting it lies in how comfortable you are in your dress. People will notice you more when you walk with confidence. The quote, “The first impression is always the best impression,” stays valid on any formal occasion.

What is the starting price for Men Formal Trousers?

The typical starting price for Men Formal Trousers is Rs. 350. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 650 Men Formal Trousers on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Men Formal Trousers?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Men Formal Trousers: Mens Trousers, Men Cotton Trousers, Linen Pants, Blue Trousers, Grey Trousers,

How can I buy Men Formal Trousers online?

You can browse over 650 options for Men Formal Trousers online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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