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Fancy Fashionable Men Shirts
    Fancy Fashionable Men Shirts



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    Fabric : Polycotton

    Sleeve Length : Long Sleeves

    Pattern : Checked

    Multipack : 1

    Sizes : 

    XL (Chest Size : 43 in, Length Size: 29 in)

    L (Chest Size : 41 in, Length Size: 28 in)

    XXL (Chest Size : 45 in, Length Size: 30 in)

    M (Chest Size : 39 in, Length Size: 27.5 in)

    The shirt was an item of clothing that only men could wear until the twentieth century. Although the women's chemise was a closely related garment to the men's, it is the men's garment that became the modern shirt. In the middle Ages, it was a plain, undyed garment worn next to the skin and under regular garments. In medieval artworks, the shirt is only visible (uncovered) on humble characters, such as shepherds, prisoners, and penitents. In the seventeenth century, men's shirts were allowed to show, with much the same erotic import as visible underwear today. In the eighteenth century, instead of underpants, men "relied on the long tails of shirts ... to serve the function of drawers. Eighteenth-century costume historian Joseph Strut believed that men who did not wear shirts to bed were indecent. Even as late as 1879, a visible shirt with nothing over it was considered improper

    Country of Origin : India

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