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Fabulous Electronic Hanging Lights
    Fabulous Electronic Hanging Lights



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    Assembly : Self Assembly

    Material : Aluminium

    Bulb Included : No

    Color : White

    Pack : Pack Of 1

    This Pendant Light for ceiling, Hanging Light for Ceiling, Ceiling Light is brought to you by SL Light a brand in quality lighting products meant for outdoor, indoor wall Decorative, Landscape, Garden, Architectural, Pathway Lighting and Industrial Applications. High Quality and certified electrical components are used which give long lasting performance over other products available in market. You can use this as Home> Bed Room light , Living Room light, Over the Dining Table light, Restaurant light, Bar Counter light, Hotels light, Malls light, Shops light, Clubs light, Pubs light, Pool Table light, even a foyer or entryway light etc.

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    Country of Origin : India

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