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Automotive Accessories Motorcycle Horns
    Automotive Accessories Motorcycle Horns



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    Name : Automotive Accessories Motorcycle Horns

    Net Quantity (N) : 2

    Loud Air Siren is one of the best horn sets available today. With this you will never have to hear a faulty tone in your horns again. This product takes in around 12 volts of power to function. You will easily be able to go ahead and use this horn for a long time due to the amazing service which it will provide you with. It is also designed in a very nice way ensuring that it fits properly in the vehicle without causing any hindrance. The Loud tone horns and connectors for your usage. This horn set can be perfectly used in any of vehicle of your choice. This product has a novel design concept, reasonable structure, and superior performance. Its pronunciation is bright and pleasing, sealed and waterproof, resistant to vibration, can withstand the test temperature of minus 40°C to 90°C. Specifications : • Material: Metal • Colour: Black, Silver • Volt+age: 12 Volts. Package Includes: • 2 x Loud Sound

    Country of Origin : India

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