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Decorated Diyas

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More About Reselling Decorated Diyas
Make your house shine the brightest this Diwali 2021 with alluring decorated Diyas. All you need to do is get some lovely decorative Diyas and place them tastefully all around the house. In fact, there are colourful Diya designs that can be placed on your railings, walls, floors, or basically in any corner of your home. From traditional handmade Diyas to luxurious, scented decorated Diyas, there are so many ways to add brightness and cheer to your house. Use them to add a ray of light to every corner of your home and get compliments from everyone who visits. So buy it online on Meesho at the best possible price.

Illuminate Your Home This Diwali With Diyas And Candles

Diwali, the festival of light calls for all sorts of extravagance and merry-makings. From the sweet aroma of mouth-watering desserts to bright lights, Diyas, and candles lit everywhere, Diwali is one such festival that brings everyone together. Now that Diwali 2021 is almost here, it is the time of smothering struggle of cleaning and decorating your house like a newlywed bride to welcome the goddess of wealth - Lakshmi. Amid such festivities and celebrations, you might not have as much time to decide what way to decorate your house and make it stand out from the others. Here are some amazing ways in which you can bedazzle your house using Diwali Diyas to make it shine bright.

Tips On How To Use Online Diya For Diwali Decoration 2021

Literally, no other thing can top designer Diyas when it comes to Diwali decorations. There are simply so many things one can accomplish using fancy Diyas to enliven a space. Here are some simple ways to adorn your home using Diya decorations for Deepawali. 

  • Shop for some colourful Diyas online from Meesho at affordable prices and place them all over your house. Soak the Diya overnight in water and leave it to dry completely. Fill it with oil and add a cotton wick to it. Place the decorated Diyas near the entrance, doors, pavements, and corridors and let it simply do its magic. 
  • Shop for fancy Diyas that come in different colours, designs, shapes, and sizes. For example, you can find floating Diyas in the shape of flowers, hearts online at Meesho. 
  • If you are one of those people who have a knack for good fragrance, go with scented homemade Diyas to give a breath of freshness to your living space. One can simply never go wrong with scented Diyas and they are one of the bestsellers online at Meesho. 
  • Diwali calls for a dash of traditions and culture. So this Diwali gift yourself a time-honoured Diwali Thaali or tray with a bunch of Diwali Diyas gifts and candles adorning it. Decorate the Thaali with glitters, an assortment of different types of candles, and Diyas to get the entire Diwali feel. 
  • This Diwali you must go all extravagant and decorate your house with an alluring Rangoli design that is vibrant and colourful. Do not forget to add the most essential elements - decorated colourful Diyas and candles to your Diwali rangoli design. 

Different Types Of Decorated Diyas For Diwali Celebration 

Though decorative Diyas are some of the most quintessential Diwali decoration items, they also come in a variety of different types. If you don’t like one, you can simply pick another one that suits your preference more. Here are some of the most alluring and stunning designs of decorated Diyas and candles that will make you go wow. Deepavali 2021 calls for just decorated Diyas and candles. 

The Quintessential Clay Decorated Diyas

There is nothing, literally nothing that can match the charm of a typical clay decorated Diya when it comes to decorating your home during Diwali. It is with these Diyas almost all Hindu homes are decorated during the pious festival of Diwali. Colourful Diyas are a fantastic way of adding that much needed festive touch to your home. If you’re not the one for clay or earthen Diya, just customize it by painting it with vibrant colours and adoring it with glitters. 

Floating Fancy Diya

Envision your home during Diwali, decorated to the brim with candles and Diyas, and right in front of your house is a stunning and intricate rangoli. The rangoli is brimming with colours and right in the centre of it is a bowl of water with delicate floating fancy Diyas. Floating Diyas are literally all the hype this Diwali and can give your house a modern and contemporary look. Take a bowl and fill it with water, add a couple of flowers and a bunch of floating decorated Diyas to complete the look. 

Glass Jar Designer Diyas

Tired of the same, old earthen and clay Diyas and want to go with something a little more modern and stylish? Go with glass jar designer Diyas and candles that will make your house stand out from the rest. Scrounge your kitchen cupboards for old glass jars, paint them with pastel colours and stuff them with different designer Diyas that can be found online at Meesho. You can either hang these or place them near the doors and windows of your house. 

Scented Decorated Diyas

Add a touch of glamour and elegance to your house with Meesho’s range of scented Diyas that will definitely leave you wanting more. These decorated Diyas are not just stunning but also have a fantastic smell.

Shop For The Best And Affordably Priced Designer Diyas For Diwali Online 

Once you have decided what type of decorated Diyas you want, it's time to start looking for a budget-friendly option that serves all your needs. If you are in the market for stunning and unique Diyas and candles, look no further. We have the largest variety of Diyas and candles in different colours, sizes, shapes, sizes, and price ranges. All you need to do is browse through our catalogues to find the right pick for you. Avail exclusive offers and discounts and save even more money. What are you waiting for? Shop from your favourite online store Meesho today!