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Cowl Kurta

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More About Reselling Cowl Kurta
Cowl Kurta are set to rule this season! Precisely why Cowl Kurta in eye-catching designs have been dominating the Indian market. Select from a wide range of designs at affordable prices at Meesho.

Add Some More Glamour To Your Wardrobe With Cowl Kurta

A cowl kurta is a loosely draped fabric around your collarbone. This name is taken from a monastic dress that acts as both a hood and a collar. It is a floppy turtleneck in an unstructured way. It has a soft, extra fabric to make room for drapes in the neckline.

You can buy cowl neck kurtas online with different embellishments, fabrics, sleeve designs, and so on. 

Evolution Of The Cowl Kurta

The word 'cowl' in Latin means hood. It used to be worn by religious people, like orthodox and catholic monks. Cowls are also the pleated robes of chairs worn by English Benedictines. They were developed in the middle age and became monastic life's formal garment.

Over the centuries, kurtas have undergone many changes in their designs and styles, one of them being a cowl design. Elegant cowls have an elasticized bubble-like hem on the front. The cowl kurta has freely hanging overlays.

Popular Patterns And Fabrics In Cowl Kurta

Here are some trends to watch out for when you shop for cowl kurta ladies online:

Sleeveless Cowl Neck Kurta

It gives a sleek touch and modern vibes to the kurta as well as the outfit. This latest cowl neck kurta design is the perfect choice for parties and functions!

Cowl Neck Kurta With Sleeves

An elegant neck with trendy sleeves enhances the look of a kurta and draws more attention to it. It can look great in any length of sleeves.

Silk Cowl Kurta

Silk never goes out of trend. It lends a royal and classy look to the attire. A silk cowl kurta in a solid colour is all you need to be the star of the gathering.

Cowl Kurta With Work

Designer cowl kurtas can feature simple patchwork with a combination of fabrics or some mirror work with adorable designs. You can also go with embroidery work. These works give a fancy and heavy look to the kurta. You can carry them with simple or plain leggings and look stunning as ever!

Shop Online For The Latest Cowl Kurtas

Now that you're aware of the trending cowl Kurta, why wait further? Get the best cowl kurta ladies for mind-blowing prices today at Meesho!