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Cotton Palazzos

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Summers are here and we are most definitely going to find ourselves reaching for those light, loose, cool, on-trend clothes. Cotton palazzo pants are one trend that every woman loves to experiment with! Cotton palazzos are loose with a wide leg that flares out from the waist and tend to look flattering in the summer light.

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With so many designs to choose from, Cotton palazzo pants are a must-have in every lady’s wardrobe. In here, you’ll find some latest and fancy Cotton palazzo pants in several colors, prints, sizes, and embellishments at minimum price.

The Best Cotton Palazzo Price online on Meesho 

Cotton Palazzo pants have a fascinating history. The word has its roots in Italian, and means ‘palace’. These pants earned their name for being narrow at the waist and flared at the bottom, like palaces. These pants were first seen during the 1920s and 1930s when famous actresses like Greta Garbo and Katharine Hepburn donned them. But it only really picked up during the 1960s and 1970S, when ladies refused to resort to the norm of wearing skirts. Since women were not allowed to wear trousers to restaurants and other public places, cotton palazzo pants came as a way of defying societal norms and owning power. 

Stylish Cotton Palazzo designs that can be worn this summer

Cotton Palazzo Pants with Culottes

Originally from France, these pants were popular among men during the Renaissance and worn by the military during the eighteenth century. The Samurais wore a version of culottes called Hakama. These are closed and tighten around the knees with a button, strap, or buckle. These were made famous by Lady Diana Spencer in the 1980s for being comfortable and airy. But most commonly, these pants are used as part of school uniforms in the UK, especially for children in primary and middle schools. So if you are going for a stylish look, these palazzos are for you!

Kalamkari cotton palazzo pants

You can find this beautiful cotton textile in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Kalamkari means painting with a pen. This art form was used to tell stories, especially stories from the Mahabharat and Ramayan. Now, you can find all kinds of garments with Kalamkari work on them. Of these, the most popular are Kalamkari palazzos which can be paired with Kurtis. Check Meesho for the best cotton palazzo price when it comes to the kalamkari style! 

Flared cotton palazzo pants

These palazzos are flared at the bottom, giving it a casual and breezy look. It is created to resemble a skirt. These palazzos are also comfortable and airy. One of the more popular styles of palazzos worn, these pants can be paired with a short top or shirt to give a nice and casual look to your summer outfit. 

Bordered Cotton Palazzo Pants

As the name suggests, these palazzos are bordered at the bottom and usually very simple in design. Pair them with an Anarkali or an open slit kurta to give them a sophisticated look during festive seasons. You will be surprised at the affordable cotton palazzo price you find for this bordered style on Meesho! 

Dhoti Cotton Palazzo pants

This fusion palazzo pant is a cross between a dhoti and a palazzo. You can take a detour from the usual palazzo pants, these palazzos are flared at the top and tapered at the bottom, giving them a modern Indian look. You can wear it for any festive season and pair it with Kurtis, Anarkalis to complete the modern Indian look. 

Cropped Cotton Palazzo Pants

Cropped Palazzos are a more modern take on palazzos. Traditionally, palazzos end at the heel to give a flared look. But these palazzos end at a few inches above the ankle, giving a casual and chic look. You can wear these palazzos during casual outings with friends or family. 

Wrap front Cotton Palazzo Design

These incredibly stylish palazzos are in season. What makes them different from the other palazzos out there? They have a wrap in the front rather than the sides, making this cotton palazzo design a trendy and excellent addition to your wardrobe. Best worn with tank tops or kurtas, these pants would create an ample wardrobe for your evening soirees. 

Side slit Cotton Palazzo Design

A change from the otherwise traditional palazzos, a small slit on the side of the pants, and pairing it with a shirt or a blazer, makes it the perfect choice for your business meeting or everyday workwear. 

Foldover Cotton Palazzo Design

If you are feeling lazy but still want to look presentable, these palazzos are the ones for you. A simple design, this palazzo is suitable for your lazy yet chic looks, and a T-shirt or your tank top will complete the look. Find great online cotton palazzo options on Meesho to build the perfect outfit for a casual day. 

Straight Cotton Palazzo Pants

If you are looking to spice up your traditional look, then straight palazzos are the answer. These cotton palazzo designs fall parallel to the leg length with a flare at the bottom, and if you pair it with A-cut Kurti, then this is the right choice. You will find the best cotton palazzo price for a straight cut design, only on Meesho. 

Layered Cotton Palazzo Design

As the name suggests, these palazzos usually have double or multiple layers to them, giving them a flared and airy look. If you combine it with a right top or a long length Kurti, this palazzo will spice up your everyday look. 

Pleated Cotton Palazzo Design

Pleated palazzos are pleated down the entire length and surface of the pants. It adds an extra sway to your walk and is best suited for formal occasions and office parties. Check Meesho for online cotton palazzo options in the pleated cotton palazzo design style. 

Denim Cotton Palazzo Pants

Did you think there were not any denim palazzos out there? You are wrong! Denim palazzos, one of the cotton palazzo designs,are in vogue. Denim being a versatile material, it can be worn with anything, and you can add whatever accessories you need to jazz it up as and when an occasion demands it. Check Meesho for the best denim style cotton palazzo price. 

Skirt style Cotton Palazzo Pants

This palazzo is more skirt than palazzo. But it's flare and flowy texture gives it the appearance of a skirt but with the comfort of pants. These can be an excellent substitute for all those looking to ditch their Ghagras or skirts for the festive seasons. Check Meesho for online cotton palazzo options in the skirt style design. 

Formal Cotton Palazzo Designs

All this while you have found palazzos that are either for casual, festive or semi-formal occasions. But there is a palazzo out there that is perfect for your everyday office look. The formal palazzo is designed for everyone who wants to give their formal pants a rest. Comfortable and stylish, pair it with a formal shirt and you are ready for the office. 

Find The Best Cotton Palazzo Price On Meesho

Check Meesho for a wide array of online cotton palazzopants for ladies of all age groups. Ranging from culottes to flare palazzos, Meesho has it all. If you are looking for a casual palazzo, semi-formal palazzo, or a formal palazzo, don’t worry, Meesho is here for you. 

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If you are looking to jazz up your traditional look or you want to give your trousers a rest, scroll through Meesho, What’s better? All these cotton palazzo pants are available at such great offers and affordable prices. You won’t find these cotton palazzos designs anywhere at such a great cost. What are you waiting for? End your search. Go to Meesho and shop now!

What is the starting price for Cotton Palazzos?

The typical starting price for Cotton Palazzos is Rs. 182. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 1462 Cotton Palazzos on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Cotton Palazzos?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Cotton Palazzos: Denim Palazzos, White Palazzos, Flared Pants, Flared Palazzos, White Palazzo Pants,

How can I buy Cotton Palazzos online?

You can browse over 1462 options for Cotton Palazzos online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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