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More About Reselling Conditioner

Has your hair lost its lustre and shine from pollution and overuse of hair styling tools? If yes, it might be the time to invest in a good quality hair conditioner to restore your damaged mane to its former glory. Get the right hair conditioner for your hair type from our collection of products from reputed brands like Khadi and Purc and get your good hair days back now!

Tips for the Best Hair Conditioner for a great Hair Care Routine 

Healthy hair is indeed a sign of crowning glory. Having the right hair conditioner is THE most important thing you can do to keep your hair healthy and happy. Gentle conditioners are known to enrich your hair from the roots, strengthening them, and adding the luxurious gloss we all crave.

At Meesho, you are not only at the benefit of varieties but also of quality as the platform allows you to educate yourself about a particular conditioner and determine its relevance to your lovely crown. 

A Step-By-Step Guide to Buying the Right Hair Conditioner

Know your hair conditioner

Knowing your hair conditioner is very important to keep your mane’s health intact. There are two different types of conditioners available in the market.

Rinse-out conditioner: Most hair conditioners in the market are rinse-out conditioners. These conditioners have ingredients like high-molecular-weight silicones and fatty alcohols like stearyl alcohol that give them a thick and creamy look. Silicones are specially added to hair conditioners to improve their ability to coat the hair as it helps lock in moisture and add to its luster and smoothness. Many shampoos also play the role of rinse-out conditioners along with the regular cleaning schedule. 

Pros: A rinse-out conditioner is great for that after-wash smoothness and bounce in your hair, making it more manageable and easier to comb. 

Cons: However, the silicones and fatty alcohol that are great for smoothening the hair can also weigh them down. 

Great for: Users with normal to thick hair. A sleek straight hair would clump and weigh down and have an undesirable flat look if conditioned with a rinse-out hair conditioner. If you have to use the conditioner on straight hair, apply it on the bottom third portion to reduce the weighing down.

Leave-in conditioner: Leave-in hair conditioners are, as the name suggests, products you need to apply after the final wash. Contrary to the notion that it may weigh your lighter, these hair-conditioners were made to be lighter and effective! Elements like propylene glycol moisturize your hair while silicones add shine and make it smoother. The silicones in such conditioners are different from the ones in the rinse-out contemporaries. Instead of settling in, they tend to evaporate quickly and do not weigh the hair down. Leave-in hair conditioners are great products if you look for that party look but don’t have the time to go through the entire process. Such conditioners are usually available in thin cream or spray, which is less dense than the rinse-out conditioner. 

Pros: The leave-in hair conditioners are light and do not weigh the hair down. They add a layer of moisture and sheen to your hair in a matter of minutes.

Cons: Women with thick and frizzy hair might not be able to see the difference due to its light texture. 

Best for women with extremely thin or fine hair and do not want them to flat down against their skull like the ghost from The Ring. If you are someone who often irons or curls their hair, a dab of leave-in conditioners is a good idea as it forms a protective layer against heat damages. 

The type of your hair has a huge role in determining whether the conditioner on your bathroom shelf will be effective or not. Your shampoo and conditioner should solely be chosen based on your scalp condition. 

Moreover, when looking for the right hair conditioner, do a simple hair test to have a rough idea about your hair condition and which conditioner would work best for you. How does your strand feel at its tips? Does it feel dry? Maybe it lacks shine? Whatever may be the reason, this is solid data into selecting the right hair conditioner to reverse the bad hair day. 

For limp and oily hair

Oily hair equates to an oily scalp, leading to a greasy texture. Using a conditioner is not recommended for such quality hair, but there will hardly be any shine or bounce without one. The best way is to look for conditioners that are not oil-based.

Steer clear of moisturizing or hydrating conditioners, a more suitable property for frizzy hair. High moisture content in these can add to the limpness in your hair, inadvertently weighing them down. 

For the brittle, damaged, and dry hair

You need to go for a hair conditioner that adds the extra moisture layer for a great hair day for such delicate hair conditions. Your conditioner should moisturize your locks to prevent any breakage and damage.

You have to look for those conditioners devoid of any ‘volumizing’ or ‘fortifying’ elements. If you are someone who’s hair is a little too damaged, then you have to go for a hair conditioner that incorporates smoothening, hydration, or even helps with the curls. This helps tame your hair without weighing it down. You can also consider conditioners that give your hair deep conditioning and hydration for your dry hair. 

Classifying Conditioner Types Based on Hair

Now that we know the type of hair and complementing hair conditioners, it is good to check out the different hair conditioners. 

Volumizing Conditioner: It is great for fine or limp hair. You can also use these hair conditioners when styling or boosting up your hair’s volume. Such conditioners do not weigh down the hair. 

Balancing Conditioner: These conditioners are great for those looking for a middle option. These conditioners won’t go heavy on moisturizing, nor would they strip the scalp of its essential oil. 

Strengthening Conditioner: Perfect for over-processed and damaged hair, it helps bring the hair back to its former glory. You need to massage right at the roots and to the tip. Such hair conditioners are great options for those with naturally brittle hair or those who undergo regular styling. 

Smoothing conditioner:  It is perfect for those looking to fortify their hair cuticles and smoothen out a straight hairstyle without weighing it down. 

Anti-frizz conditioner: This is mostly used by those with heavily curly hair or the ones that have been subjected to excessive styling, leading to heavy damage. Anti-frizz conditioners add a dollop of moisture to frizzy roots and smoothen them out with hydration.

Finding the Best Hair Conditioner online 

Choosing the right conditioner for healthy hair is now comfortable with Meesho. With an array of conditioners available for consumers, Meesho is a one-stop destination for all your care. 

The hair conditioner choices at Meesho will help you make informed decisions about the right product without compromising on the quality or quantity. From daily affordable products to luxury salon-based hair products, Meesho has something for everyone. 

So before you pick up a bottle of hair conditioner for a healthy and glowing crown, make sure that you check out Meesho to select the right option for you. 

Keep your crowning glory lustrous and brimming with health!

What is the starting price for Conditioner?

The typical starting price for Conditioner is Rs. #N/A. However, they come in a number of price ranges, depending on the quality of the fabric and the work. You can browse over 506 Conditioner on Meesho.

What are some of the alternatives to Conditioner?

Here are some of the most popular alternative options to Conditioner: Shampoo,

How can I buy Conditioner online?

You can browse over 506 options for Conditioner online on Meesho. We offer free delivery, cash on delivery and hassle free returns on all of our orders.

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