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    Material : Enamel

    Shape : Round

    Surface Coating : Non Stick.

    Product Breadth : 10.5 Inch

    Product Height : 2 Inch

    Product Length : 15.5 Inch

    Pack Of : Pack Of 1

    Sensware is crafted from high quality cast iron at our foundry in INDIA , our cast iron skillets are designed with flat bottomed frying , sauteing and browning foods to make delicious food everyday. Sensware skillet features a large surface area and curved interior design promote flipping and easy turning. The sloping sides of a skillet allow you to easily shake the pan, performing the jump-flip maneuver that cooks like to show off with sensware skillet is perfect for making healthier and natural servings of your signature dishes and can be used reliably on any heat source and it has ability to retain heat efficiently. Ergonomic handle design of sensware feature a power grip and comfortable handling And dual pouring spouts make it easier to transfer food from the skillet to a serving dish. Our cast iron skillets are seasoned by vegetable oil to develop smooth and non stick cooking surface..

    Country of Origin : India

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