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Briefs Shapewear

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Be Your Best Self With the Women’s Briefs Shapewear 

Shapewear is becoming an essential part of women's clothing. Besides shapewear, many garments like corsets are worn by women to get a well-rounded body shape. A foundation garment, shapewear gives the perfect body shape to women. Women use the latest shapewear in the market to transform the look of other dresses.

What’s the point of highlighting your bulgy shape on an outing? Shapewear can provide a well-rounded shape and will increase your confidence. Due to its unique construction, briefs shapewear goes well with any body shape. Studies have also shown that using shapewear over time results in losing weight and getting the perfect shape.

What’s the History of Briefs Shapewear?

Women’s briefs shapewear covers the hips and goes around 3 inches above the navel. There are many other types of shape wears in the market, depending on the application. Ancient Greek females used to wear girdles that were a type of shapewear. Girdles were made of wool and soft leather and were used to make the waist look slimmer. In the ancient Roman culture, women used to wear corsets to enhance their body shape.

By the 16th century, steel corsets started to gain the attention of females. In the 20th century, teddies and camisoles gained popularity and were used by women to appear slimmer. The 21st century saw the rise of designer shapewear in the market. This shapewear is smart clothing and can be your everyday partner.

Types of Briefs Shapewear

Tummy Tucker Briefs Shapewear

A tummy tucker briefs shapewear will go above your navel and cover most of the stomach. Women prefer tummy tucker shapewear that ends up just above the knees.

Mid-Rise Briefs Shapewear

If you don’t want your shapewear to end up on your knees, you can opt for mid-rise briefs shapewear.

How to Wear Shapewear Like a Pro?

With a Cocktail Dress

You can wear tummy tucker shapewear with a cocktail dress to flaunt your curves.

With Jeans & T-Shirt

Shapewear can go well with pencil jeans and a t-shirt.

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