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Blue Topaz Original ring
    Blue Topaz Original ring



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    Base Metal : Alloy

    Plating : No Plating

    Stone Type : Rhinestone

    Type : Finger Ring

    Multipack : 1

    Sizes : 

    Growth & Progress Blue Topaz gemstone is said to bring to its wearer wealth, prosperity, humility, dedication and immense professional success. Professions Blue Topaz gemstone benefits those people the most who work in fields related to mining, Coal, Leather, footwear, fuel, oil, paint, iron, and tools etc. Shani Dasha Saturn (Shani) is known to be a lethargic, malefic planet in Vedic astrology and takes at least 2.5 years to pass through each rashi and its unfavorable positing brings various negative effects. Therefore, it is said that the best astrological benefits of Blue Topaz stone are received by people going through Shani’s dhaiyya, kantakshini, saadhe sati or dasha (dasa). Decision Making One of the benefits of wearing Blue Topaz gem is that it gives the wearer a strong conscience and good judgment. Saturn in Vedic Astrology is known for his justice, and therefore Blue Topaz brings positive effects for lawyers, judges, or people holding high administrative posts.

    Country of Origin : India

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