Transcendental Meditation And Its Benefits For Women

Our brain is a complex system that is very hard to be controlled during some specific situations or circumstances. Just like the Earth, it also has to go through difficult situations over a period of time. Our brain also experiences this phenomenon due to stress and anxiety which most of the time cripples the mental health of an individual or person. Women are prone to experience these situations more severely than men because of the characteristics which they possess. Transcendental Meditation helps us to surpass these disrupting thoughts to find inner peace and silence which are innate within us. 

Some days our mind acts like a stormy sea with raging waves of disrupting thoughts, capable of putting a person out of track for days.  These seemingly alarming thoughts are just at the surface of the mind, just like turbulence at the rim of the sea. After all beneath the irregular waves lies a limitless ocean of calm. Similarly, below the turbulent mind lies a greater mind, which is a collection of calmness. All one has to do is to find the anchor to abode the serenity which lies below the turbulent mind. By using the transcendental meditation technique the mind can be easily shifted from its busy, agitated state to experiencing inner silence. In this phenomenon, the body tends to relax while dissolving deep-rooted stress. 


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is the founder of transcendental Meditation, although its usage dates back to several thousand years. In the year 1970, he started a school of transcendental meditation which subsequently gained global recognition.


As per Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, transcendental meditation is a technique that has to be practiced for 20 minutes twice a day under the direction of a teacher. 

The practitioner has to chant the mantra, which has to be non-word thus contains no meaning. Also, it has to be chanted non-verbally, that is reciting from inside your mind.

The thought of that sound (mantra), tents to clear the cloud of harsh thoughts inside the mind thus subliming one’s mind.  

These meditations cannot be learned online by using Google or YouTube. A teacher who is qualified in transcendental meditation is a must requirement.



Reduced Heart Diseases

According to reports, heart disease is the number one cause of death among women across the world. The more stressed we are, the high we put our hearts at risk.  Meditation is a powerful stress-buster when practiced properly helps in attaining emotional stability. Moreover, a research conducted by the National Institute of Health found that people practicing transcendental meditation have 50 % fewer chances of having a heart attack or a stroke. TM practices have benefited us in countering 3 main factors of heart diseases. 

  • High blood pressure

  • High cholesterol

  • Insulin resistance.

Activating Your “Inner GPS”

Most of our decisions are based on the basis of feeling or intuition. Stress and fatigue play a major role in clouding our minds and block our ability to access our finer feelings in making the right decisions. This method has successfully allowed us to wake up more purified and robust levels of the mind. 

Benefits For Women

The majority of the women worldwide are prone to stress due to the characteristics which they possess leading to disturbed sleep at night. Stress has been the root cause of psychosomatic diseases which is related to anxiety and stress and is hard to be controlled. With the help of Transcendental Meditation, it’s easy to modify the response towards these forms of stress.

Moreover, Transcendental Meditation helps working women improve their confidence in the work environment. Most women tend to have low confidence when having returned to work after having a child. Proper Transcendental meditation will boost confidence as well as improves communication and leadership skills along with job satisfaction.

Transcendental Meditation has an extremely good positive result in the nursing profession which is mostly taken over by women in most countries. This job requires to be worked on the night shift which is extremely stressful.  If not properly taken care can lead to missing work and poor quality patient care. Studies suggest that with the help of TM, nurses experience a very deep sense of rest and calm with an improved level of stamina and energy.