The Top 8 Best Home Business Ideas You Can Start In 2020

Working from home in 2020 can be fun and rewarding. At the present where social distancing is important, more people are glad to stay back at home for work. Luckily there are so many different home business ideas to spark your interest.

People often have this question, what are the best home business ideas to start with? The correct answer for this is, the best home business idea is the one that meets most of your requirements jotted down in your list. Make a list of the factors which have maximum weightage such as, flexible working hours, good pay,  independence work-life balance, low cost for setting up a business, something in which you have good skills and experience, interest in working on with great passion.

List Of  Home Business Ideas You Can Start In 2020

1. Online Reselling With Meesho App

2. Professional Blogging

3. Virtual Assistant Services

4. Home Tutoring

5. Florist

6. Social Media Influencers

7. Graphic Design

8. Affiliate Marketing

1.Online Reselling With Meesho App

Online Reselling With Meesho App

Meesho is India’s #1 reselling online app. This app provides you the freedom to start your own online business from home with zero investment! That’s right, all you need to get started with is a smartphone and some time of your day. Meesho has a variety of products to choose from, that you can resell among your contacts with a profit margin of your’s. It’s like an old traditional reselling business without having to buy and keeping stocks. All you need to do in the Meesho app is to browse the products, share them with your customers, place an order for them and earn your share of profit margin. You don’t have to worry about return,delivery or depositing of your profit margin as Meesho takes care of everything.

How To Start Reselling With Meesho in 3 Simple Steps

1. Browse: Install Meesho App & sign up with your phone number. Browse our popular wholesale products (e.g. Kurtis, surat sarees). Also, get regular notifications about new products (e.g. jewelry, beauty products) with pictures & catalog details.

2. Share: Share these catalogs with your family, friends, or existing customer network on your WhatsApp group, Instagram & Facebook page/group, and get order requests. Selling on Facebook Store and WhatsApp has been made simple with Meesho’s One-click share option.

3. Earn: Once you get an order request, collect payment from your customer and place an order on their behalf on Meesho App after adding your commission. You can earn with Meesho by adding a profit margin on every sale & get weekly cash bonus rewards by placing more orders. Part-time work from home-based jobs with Meesho App is that easy. Download the Meesho App now!

2.Professional Blogging

Professional Blogging

On today's date, about 1,000 websites are created every minute and hosted online. While it may seem to be a huge number, the truth is most of the websites don’t provide the kind of value the readers like and want to be associated with.

Only a handful of blogs online gives readers the kind of information they were looking for that keeps them coming back for more valuable content, which makes them valuable customers of your website. This opens up a business opportunity for people who are good with words. Starting your own blog and making it a way of your living is one of the profitable home business ideas you can start with.

3.Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Services

Due to evolving technology and a robust economy, the concept of virtual assistants as the online business has become very popular. 

Presently, the managers and even most of the entrepreneurs employ virtual assistants services to reduce their workload. It’s far better than hiring a new full-time employee to help you with work, VA is remote workers who help to relieve the burden of your work. Becoming a virtual assistant professional is very easy; it just requires you to have a laptop and your ability to complete the task you have picked up. You can find many listings of work from home jobs on websites like Upwork, freelance, simply hired, and many more. You can also approach corporate executives directly on LinkedIn to search for a job.

4. Home Tutoring

Home Tutoring

In 2020 the competition to get into top universities is as tough as it looks, and parents are willing to pay a good wage for their child. All you need is expertise in math, and any specific competition test.  If you know how to market yourself locally, then you can make use of parental stress and make money by tutoring right from your home. Home tutoring is one of the best small business ideas you can start doing from home and earn profits by sharing your knowledge with kids.

5. Florist


Just like gift basket arrangements, floral arrangement or design requires a lot more creativity, so it’s an appropriate profitable home business idea. You don’t have to be a florist in order to start this business, you can make money arranging flowers for delivery or on-site display rather than growing or sourcing them by your own or selling them at retail stores. 

But you have to dig a little deeper into knowing something about how the flower business runs and your online presence and photos of your work on social media can be a way to your success. As in 2020 maximum people search on social media for getting their specific work done. The flower arranging business is visual, so make yours as compelling as you can. Start networking by contacting local people or register yourself on an online website for flower decoration at home, wedding, funeral, pooja, and letting them know that you are in business. And from here let your business bloom and shine.

6. Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers

In India 2020, one of the very popular rural jobs is to become a social media influencer! Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok are one of the famous platforms for brands, through which influencers can make money online. This is because the followers of these influencers actually make purchases of products after their recommendations. A single post on these social media platforms can give you a good amount of money.

To become an influencer on these platforms you will have to find your niche. Don’t just randomly start with things, make sure it is something you would enjoy doing it. You have to keep your audience engagement by posting frequently and using proper captions and hashtags which will help you to increase your followers. Always keep your platform simple, funny, and likable.

7. Graphic Design

Graphic Design

If you think you are good at graphics design, you are sitting on the throne of making money by working from home. You can pick up a few simple and brainstorming projects like designing logos, business cards, and promotional materials. You can easily look for online sites for graphic designer jobs, and how much money you will be able to make through this is completely dependent on your skills and work performance.

There are an endless number of opportunities to work from home. Start by checking online jobs in rural areas known to hire for remote positions. Then buckle up to create an effective workspace and implement the type of routine that will help you to make your online work from home jobs a successful one. Hopefully, the above listing will help you to get started on your way to working from home, even if you live in small towns, rural areas, or cities.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing and is one of the surefire ways to earn money online and it can be a profitable home business idea for you. It involves 3 sets of people: advertiser, publisher, and consumer.  Affiliate marketing involves referring a product or services by sharing it on different social media platforms, blogs, or websites. The affiliate makes a profit each time someone makes a purchase through the link they have provided. This performance-based opportunity can be an important part of your business by allowing you to make extra money.

Home Business Ideas - Final Thoughts!

A home business idea is a remote-friendly business idea in today’s world where technology closes the gap between you and your partners or clients. Altogether this gives you an opportunity to start a small business from home easily that can help you make profitable pay for you and your family and also gives you the flexibility of work.

While those listed here some of the best business ideas you can go for. These are the top business ideas you can immediately start from home: for example, you can download the Meesho App and start reselling with Meesho and make money online without any hassle or stepping out of the house. All you need to do is find the work that suits your best interest and start working on it asap.

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