Ten Effective Yoga Poses to Help You Sleep Like A Baby

With the hectic schedule of modern-day life, money and health are very precious in one’s life.  One works excessively as time is money, which in return has adversely affected sleep and thus lead to sleeping disorders. It is now a common scene in most developed and developing cities. Sleep deprivation, insomnia, snoring, and narcolepsy are some of the diseases that affect both the working population of today and the youth.

Yoga has been seen to contribute to a stable and healthy life. It promotes good sleep and also helps in reversing the effects of sleep disorder on the body too. Research over the years has shown that in more than 50% of the cases studied, it was observed that yoga helps in better sleep during the night and also helps to reduce stress.

With some effective dedicated time for yoga practice, one can slowly improve their sleeping patterns and reverse the effect of sleeping disorders. There are many types of yoga that can help in doing so. Here are 10 easy and effective yoga poses that one can practice at home which will help to improve your sleep.

1. Shishuasana


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This posture, also called Child Pose, helps to relax the muscles, allowing them to rest. 
It helps to stretch, back and loosen up the central nervous system to ease one to rest. Start by contacting the ground on your knees and hands. Stretch your arms forward with your head and contact the ground while extending your back. Hold that position and breathe in when you return.

2. Shavasana


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This asana, also called Corpse Pose, permits to unwind the body. 
This one is clear as crystal. Rest on the back, separating the hands and legs to loosen up the body muscles. Face up the hands, close the eyes and let the psyche stay still.

3. Baddha Konasana

Baddha Konasana

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It is also known as Butterfly pose which is great for the lumbar area and it also contributes to sleep. Sit down with stretched legs on the floor. Bring your feet closer to your body so that the foot's soles are in contact with one another. Slowly raise and lower the knees so that stretching is felt closer to the crotch. Hold for 4-5 breaths and then repeat the steps again.

4. Uttanasana


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The posture of yoga also called Standing forward bend, is simple to perform and is useful for inducing sleep. While standing upright, breathe out and twist forward and clutch both the elbows. Let the spine elongate by expanding the torso. The aim of this pose is not to get the correct shape yet to utilize the right structure.

5. Marjariasana


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Another significant sleep inducer pose is the Cat stretch posture. 
It involves getting down on the knees and hands, bending the spine while moving the stomach down, and looking upwards. At that point bend the spine and look downwards inside. It improves digestion and also improves sleeping patterns.

6. Reverse pigeon against wall pose (Custom Sucirandhrasana)

Reverse pigeon against wall pose (Custom Sucirandhrasana)

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This yoga posture, also called Reverse pigeon against wall pose, stretches the legs, back and additionally acts as an extraordinary sleep inducer. 
Spot one foot on the wall and the other lower leg over the thigh region of the primary leg while lying on the back with the legs against the wall. Attempt to pull the entire body up to the wall so that a stretch is felt while descending along the side of your buttocks and hips. Hold tight for a couple of moments and then switch.

7. Supta Jathara Parivartanasana

Supta Jathara Parivartanasana

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This asana is ideal for both the back and spine. 
Lie on the ground, in the shape of T. Overlay the knees and hold them to the shoulders. Glance towards a particular direction and hold the body in a similar way, then bring down the knees in the opposite direction to get a twist in the back and mid-section. Keep on the other hand again and repeat the steps.

8. Ananda Balasana

Ananda Balasana

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This posture, also called Happy Baby, in yoga helps in kneading the spine and loosening up the nerves. While resting on the back, raise the legs to the chest and hold the big toes, lift the feet to the ceiling. The feet ought to be under the arms, enabling to shake to and fro gradually to tenderly back rub your spine.

9. Viparita Karani

Viparita Karani

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This asana, also called Legs up the wall pose, calms the pain in the legs and initiates sleep. 
This asana is incredible in helping the recirculation of blood and decreases pain for those who spend the majority of their time standing up straight. Lay perpendicular against the wall with legs facing upwards towards the ceiling. Loosen up the arms close by the side.

10. Supta Baddha Konasana

Supta Baddha Konasana

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This posture, also called Nighttime Goddess Pose, provides support to the legs and also induces sleep. Lie on the back with legs crossed so as to contact the highest point of the foot. Let the knees to fall at the same time, in such a manner that it makes a diamond shape. Loosen up the arms and hold for a couple of moments on this position.