Best 12 Easy Ideas to Kill that Stubborn Belly Fat

Fat is a three-letter word that gives people more tension than even losing money. Pre-lockdown era or lockdown times people are still looking for ways to lose weight from their stomachs. Gaining fat in the belly may be because of multiple reasons. It could be hereditary issues, bad lifestyle, eating habits, and many more. 

We cannot tell which would be the exact reason, so why not you try these handy and easy ideas to kill that Stubborn Belly Fat. We are not keeping these as a secret, you too should not. Share it with your friends as you share your memes!

Tip 1: Sleep Better at Night - Be a Sleeping Beauty

Sleep Better at Night - Be a Sleeping Beauty

You do not need to sleep under a curse like sleeping beauty for 100 Years, but a healthy lifestyle with a good sleeping pattern of 6-8 hours, will stop you from eating at the wrong hours like midnight and might stop help with your belly fat.

Tip 2: Morning Breakfast - Breakfast is Everything

Morning Breakfast - Breakfast is Everything

That red apple on your dining table will not do much harm to your health. In short, breakfast has always been considered a very important meal of the day. Having said, eating cereal or a full plate of fruits or even an apple as I mentioned will not do much worse to your health. Having breakfast, lowers the production of bad cholesterol in our body which in turn reduces our chances of getting over-weight.

Tip 3: Eating Healthy Oils

Oil plays a major role in most of the cooking styles of the world and Indians know it well which oil to use depending on the tropical zone you are living in. Still, “Ghee” has been a part of cooking for a long time in all Indian kitchens. While ghee has concentrated fats, it even contains monosaturated fats that help are inner stomach lining to get healed from any acids.

Tip 4: Drinking More Water

Drinking more water

More than 60% of our body is water and nature-made human to be like that but as lifestyles have been changing, people tend to forget and drink less water. Water Intake helps to metabolize saturated fats and thus helping in reducing body fat.

Tip 5: Healthy Homemade Beverages 

Healthy Homemade Beverages

The habit of drinking lemon with hot water in an empty stomach in the morning has been quite successful with many people complaining about belly fat. Lemon water increases our metabolism and helps to reduce weight and keeps the waistline in check. Green tea also an option be taken during the latter half of noon.

Tip 6: Yoga a day keeps the tummy Fat away

Yoga for belly fat

Yoga has remedies for almost all diseases. Yoga would be the most pocket-friendly tips to reduce fat on that jiggly tummy. Yoga’s most famous aasan is “SuryaNamaskar” or Sun Salutation which has a sequence of 12 Chakras done in forward and reverse motion. The very first thing it helps, reducing the belly fat. 

Tip 7: Eat more of Fibre

Dietary Fibre like fruits, veggies, and grains helps to maintain a healthy weight. Fiber helps to prevent constipation and keep our bowels happy. Thus, keeping weight at check.

Tip 8: Callisthenics


This is the only exercise that helps in building strength and muscle and flexibility without the use of any weights or equipment. Continous calisthenics exercise increases our heart rate and helps to shed calories and thus reduces the weight.

Tip 9: Diet Timing

Excessive food intake at odd hours often leads to gain weight. Generally, we should be finished with our dinners between 6-7 o’Clock. Eating early dinners gives our body time to rebuild tissues and time to digest food. When food is digested well it keeps our health in balance and reduces excessive fat from the body.

Tip 10: Don’t Sleep after a Meal: Wait and Sleep

It has been brain fed from our childhood to be active and not to sleep after a heavy meal. Give your body a time of at least 15-30 minutes after your meal by not sleeping. Take a little walk, wash the dirty utensil, or stand on your balcony, this helps your food to settle and start the process of digestion. Instant sleep after the meal stops our digestion process and thus contributing to belly fat.

Tip 11: Keep your Body Active - Do Not Stop

Do not stop what you started. If you have been doing gyming do not stop because of laziness or was running in the morning but can’t wake up now. The more and unnecessary comfort you give to your body, fat finds its comfort in your belly.

Tip 12: Do not Stress over getting Fat - Happy like a Minion 

Being Happy doesn’t mean you have to smile all the time. Stressing over things that you don’t have control over leads our bodies to gain weight. Stubborn fat will go if you start implementing the above tips in your life. Put efforts to maintain a happy life because it’s all in the brain.