5 Minimalist Jewelry Pieces That You Can Wear Everyday

Every woman goes through a personal style journey in her life. There may be a phase when we become obsessed with bold, statement-making pieces as well as times when all we want to do is stick with the classics. Minimalism as a trend in fashion is not new. In outfits, simple ensembles and neural colors are the distinguishing features of a minimalist wardrobe. However, when it comes to jewelry, there are no set rules, making it difficult to tell what’s simple and what’s not. Today, we have created a list of some of the most wearable pieces of modern minimalist jewelry that every woman should have in her collection. These designs are mostly classics with a twist that can be paired with almost every outfit with ease.

1.Hollow Triangle Pendant Necklace

1.Hollow Triangle Pendant Necklace

This is one of the most popular pendant designs this season. And no, it is not inspired by the Deathly Hallows’ symbol. Available in various shades of silver, gold, and bronze, this pendant design usually comes attached to a thin chain that sits close to the neck. To style this minimal pendant necklace, wear a dress or top with a sweetheart or boat neck design that will draw attention to your collarbones. For an uber-modern look, wear an off-shoulder or cold shoulder top with skinny jeans or shorts.

2.Minimalist Pearl Earrings

Minimalist Pearl Earrings

“ The pearl is a queen of gems and the gem of queens”, Grace Kelly’s words resonate with every woman around the globe. While pearl necklaces have been worn by sophisticated women since time immemorial, these simple yet classy earrings are a great choice when you are going for a minimalist look. Carry a beaded clutch when wearing these earrings to match your overall look. A braided bun or any other hair updo would be a great way to show off your earrings. To view the full catalog, download Meesho App.

3.Braided Design Silver Ring

Braided Design Silver Ring

One of the best things about minimalist jewelry pieces is that they can be worn with any outfit without a second thought. Take this gorgeous ring for instance. You can put it on whether you are wearing an elegant dress or a simple suit. The braided pattern adds a touch of modernity to the basic design of the ring. If you want to highlight your ring in a subtle way, get a french manicure, and wear simple band rings on other fingers to draw attention to your hands.

4.Minimalist Anklets

Minimalist Anklets

Attention to detail is what gives your outfit that extra something to help you stand out. And a beautiful anklet is perfect for the job. We have picked a simple chain anklet in a muted golden color that you can wear on one or both feet. The tiny star charms give it a delicate, dainty look. This is one piece that you can wear practically anywhere. However, we recommend wearing it with breezy boho dresses in pastel shades. Make sure your dress is short or calf length to emphasize your anklet. To view the full listing, download Meesho App.

5.Engraved Bracelet

Engraved Bracelet

Nothing says minimalist like a sleek metal bracelet! While you may want to wear heavily embellished chunky bracelets for special occasions, when it comes to daily wear, a simple metal bracelet or bangle like this one is all you need. The engraved Celtic pattern on the bangle has its own appeal. Pair this bracelet with neutral-colored clothes like off white, black, or peach. You can wear it on one hand and a classy watch on the other hand with metallic hoops for the perfect cosmopolitan look. For more minimalist jewelry designs, download Meesho App.