Genuine Work From Home Jobs Without Investment

In these hard times of a global pandemic, the world has quickly and efficiently transitioned to working from home. While some companies think of this as a productivity barrier, others are flourishing and embracing working from home like never before. Obviously this transition hasn’t been easy but one has to do what one has to do. With strict social distancing policies in place, it does not feel like we will be going back to the office anytime soon. 

Even before the pandemic, a lot of companies were already shifting to working from home models. This is usually seen in big metropolitan cities where traveling to work is a big hassle. The whole working from home jobs has been successful only with the help of ever-changing technologies. Platforms like Zoom, Google, Hangout, and Slack assure there is no communication gap between the team members, and full productivity is achieved. 

Not to forget there are also so many working from home jobs for people willing to work both part-time or full-time. Some of these online work from home jobs do not require any skills or training as well, all you will need is either a smartphone or a laptop and an active internet connection. 

Before looking at some of the best ways working from home jobs, let’s have a look at all the pros and cons of work from home jobs. 

Advantages Of A Working From Home Job

1. No Time Wasted While Commuting To Work

A lot of companies in big metropolitan cities have to work from home as they do not want their employees to spend a long time while commuting through and back from work. This has not only boosted the morale of the employees but has also increased the productivity of the workforce. Now, the employees also need to spend a lot less money on gas and commuting fares. 

2. There Is No Need To Pay For An Office Space 

Small businesses can take advantage of working from home and scrap out the heft cost of renting out an office space. This will help businesses save money and invest it somewhere else where it is really required. If the company or organization does not want to scrap out the office space completely, they can rent out a smaller office space and have the employees come in alternative days to make the most of it. 

3. Working From Home Jobs Increase Productivity

According to a Stanford study, employees who work remotely are more productive when compared to their in-office counterparts. This is obvious as the happier the employees, the more their productivity is going to be. While this can be generalized, productivity differs from employee to employee. 

4. No Spending Money On Office Supplies 

No office space means no need to buy office supplies by the bulk and this, in turn, means no spending extra money on office supplies. By allowing work from home, companies and organizations can save a lot of money that can be allotted to more fitting places. 

5. No Geography Barrier While Hiring 

One can work from home from anywhere and at any time and this makes it convenient for employees to hire the best no matter where they live. Working from home job will assure you that you can hire the best without having to pay for their relocation costs. For employees, this can mean that they can have more opportunities in hand to prove themselves.

6. Working From Home Jobs Are Easier 

Without having to travel, remote working allows employees to work from anywhere in the world. And since the inception of wifi it is easier now than ever. No matter where you go, you can find a wifi signal that will connect you to the internet. With software like Zoom, Hangout, Google, Slack, etc., it is easier than ever to stay connected with your office counterparts.

Disadvantages Of Working From Home Jobs 

1. Having The Will To Work 

A lot of employees might feel very laid back and relaxed while working from home. Procrastination is a big problem with employees working from home. It is very difficult to stay in focus and not get distracted by Netflix, pets, kids, and other family members. While working from home it is important to have a separate workstation that will allow you to stay away from all the distractions of your home. 

2. Work-life Balance 

While working from home it is very hard to maintain a work-life balance that usually comes with an in-office job. Employees have testified of getting calls during ungodly hours by their employers while working from home. One needs to know how to maintain a perfect work-life balance during a work from home job. It helps if you set a routine and follow it judiciously no matter what. One can also resort to shutting down their laptop once the working hours are over. 

3. Working From Home Jobs Tend To Get Monotonous 

Many employees have complained that after working from home for a while, the job seems very monotonous and bleh. This can be because offices are also a place where you socialize with a lot of people, making it exciting. A person can go on without seeing another person for only so long. Working from home also means saying goodbye to all those fun office parties and events that keep occurring in the office. 

4. Internet Issues 

There is so much a person can do when their wifi or internet is down. If you are working from home make sure to have a good wifi connection throughout your work period. Wifi spazz is uncommon in a country like India, be it in an office or your home. What you can do to avoid this situation is apart from having a perfectly good wifi connection, you should also invest in a data pack for your phone that you can use in case of an emergency. 

5. Employers Can Face Difficulty While Monitoring Performance

While some employees are invested, the others are not and keeping a track of each and every employee can be a hurdle to work from home. This can be avoided by having small teams with a manager to micro-manage the employees or setting up daily goals for the employees. 

6. Working From Home Jobs May Have A Lack In Communication

It is a known fact that people who meet or talk regularly get along well together and the same can be said in the case of work from home. With face-to-face interaction to minimum employees may have trouble communicating with each other and asking for help when required. Unlike in an in-office setting, working from home requires some additional costs to make communication easier between the employees. 

7. It Is Difficult To Maintain Accountability While Working From Home 

If your office has a mixed setting of in-office employees and remote employees, it is the in-office employees that usually get all the recognition and the ones that work from home are ignored simply because they are not present in the office. 

As you already know the internet is full of fraudulent and scam job opportunities, here is a handcrafted list of genuine working from home jobs that do not require any sort of investment or involve any risks. You can either do these jobs part-time or work full-time depending on your feasibility. So, without any further ado -

List Of Genuine Work From Home Jobs Without Investment 

1. Sell Online Courses 

2. Affiliate Marketing 

3. Resell Products From The Meesho App

4. Start Your Own Youtube Channel

5. Try Your Hands In Freelancing Jobs 

6. Become A Consultant

7. Blogging As A Working From Home Job

8. Data Entry Jobs

9. Become An Instagram Influencer

10. Trade Domains

1. Sell Online Courses

Sell Online Courses

The Internet has not only made learning much easier and accessible, it has also made teaching a much easier job. This working from home job does not require any degree of any kind anymore. Just find that one thing you’re good at and it can be anything from calligraphy to maths and drawing to French. There are multiple online websites where you can share your knowledge like Skillshare, Udemy, Vedantu,, Coursera, and many more. Online classes and courses pay really well and you can do it whenever you want to earn a little extra money on the side. 

A Tricks To Make A Profit By Selling Online Courses:

One of the best and most profitable ways to sell online courses is to sell the course for free. Yes, you heard it right, sell the online course for free but charge for the certification.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

This work from home job is one of the easiest ways to earn money from home. All you will need is an up and running blog to make some easy cash. The process of earning a commission by endorsing other company’s or people’s products is called affiliate marketing. You will receive a portion of money for every sale made from the link in your blog. There are several online eCommerce sites that offer affiliate partnerships that you can sign up for. Once signed in, you get your own unique affiliate code that you can put up whenever writing about their products. 

There are three different payment terms set for affiliate marketing -

1. Pay Per Click (PPC) - You earn money online when people click your unique affiliate link and are redirected to the advertiser’s website.

2. Pay Per Lead (PPL) - You get paid when the person who has been redirected to the advertiser’s website after clicking your unique link fills in some information like email and mobile number.

3. Pay Per Sale (PPL) - As the name suggests, you earn money online when a purchase is made after clicking your unique link.

3. Resell Products From The Meesho App

Meesho app is one of a kind app that is focused on making people more financially independent and secure. The app is based on the model of reselling where people choose what they like and sell it after adding their own margin to the product. This is a phenomenal working from home job as it requires just a smartphone and an active internet connection. People have testified to have earned up to ₹2 lakhs a month sitting at the comfort of their homes using this money-making app. Just select a product you think you can sell and share it with your online contacts, once sold the margin money will be transferred to your account. 

A few tips to start a successful reselling business with the Meesho app -

1. Start with sharing the products with the closest friends group and increase your reach gradually.

2. Start by adding a minimal margin to the price of the product. Once you’ve established a community of your own, you can play with the prices. 

3. Post the pictures from the Meesho app in the Facebook marketplace for an overwhelming reach.

4. Start Your Own YouTube Channel 

Both Youtube and it’s content creators’ growth go hand in hand and with a steady rise in the popularity of Youtube, Youtubers make as much money. Being a Youtuber can be an amazing working from home job. Just imagine earning money by posting videos on the internet; it sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? No, anyone can earn money online by becoming a Youtuber. If you’re one of the creative minds, then you should definitely go for this. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to become a successful Youtuber -

1. Follow your passion and choose something you love doing as the main focus of your Youtube channel.

2. Find your target audience, the people that will like the content you’re making and will be willing to subscribe to your channel.

3. Don’t just make a channel, create a channel that stands out and is unique from all your competitors. 

4. Do not wait for the last moment to think about video ideas and content. Plan out your content meticulously so that you don’t face any issues later.

5. Create high-quality videos with different video angles and lightings. 

6. Post regularly 

7. Youtube also requires a good SEO. Therefore, optimizing your video for the search engine is a must. 

8. One of the most important things to do in Youtube is to monetize your channel.

9. One must learn Youtube analytics in order to become a successful Youtuber. 

5. Try Your Hands In Freelancing Jobs

Try Your Hands In Freelancing Jobs

This working from home job has its own perks as it can be taken up as an online part-time job whenever you need some extra cash. From writing to video editing and typing to photography, there are a number of freelancing jobs online today. People say that freelancing makes them feel more in control of their lives and job and gives them a sense of freedom. Freelancers are self-employed and take contract jobs from companies and organizations in exchange for money. From the perspective of a company or an organization, freelancers are not employees but just some contractors or contract workers. 

Some of the best websites for freelancing jobs are as follows -

1. Upwork

2. Truelancer


4. Guru

5. WorknHire

6. Toptal 

6. Become A Consultant 

Without having an expert skill set, you can become a consultant and earn money online. Pick up anything you’re good at and charge people money for your not so expert advice. People have testified of paying up to ₹5000 for an hour to a so-called consultant online. This working from home job is a little easier for a person with a legal or finance background. All you will have to do is make a website and start charging money for consulting. If you do not have a defined skill, learn a new skill, excel it, and start your consulting business online. Within a few months of dedicated time, you will be making money from the comfort of your home like a professional. 

7. Blogging As A Working From Home Job

Blogging As A Working From Home Job

With only a laptop and an internet connection, you can start working from home easily. Blogging can be done from anywhere in the world at any time feasible to you. You will just have to choose a niche topic that you can write on and voila half your work is done. You can share your opinions and experiences through blogging and turn it into an online business. This is one of those jobs that will let you earn money even while you are asleep. If you do not have a blog, do not worry, we will run you along the process of making a blog quickly.

1. Choose a good blogging platform like Wordpress.

2. Design your blog based on the theme of your blog.

3. Find yourself a web host for your blog like GoDaddy.

8. Data Entry Jobs

Finding the right data entry job as working from home is a big hassle as the internet is littered with a lot of scam and fraudulent data entry jobs. But once you have found the perfect data entry job, you do not require any skill set and just a laptop and internet connection. People with data entry jobs are generally paid according to the page count so it won’t hurt if you have a good typing speed. These working from home jobs also make up for an amazing part time job for students

9. Become An Instagram Influencer

Become An Instagram Influencer

Everyone loves it when they receive likes on their pictures or videos and get a notification of a new follower in their account but nobody loves this notification more than an influencer. An influencer is someone who has the power to influence the purchasing decisions of their followers due to either their relationship or authority that they have. For a company or an organization, influencers are not a marketing tool but an asset that can help achieve their marketing objectives. With an overwhelming rise in the number of influencers, here are some tips on how to become a successful influencer.

1. In order to become a successful influencer, it is essential to find your niche. If you are into dancing, you can be a dance influencer, or if you’re into healthy eating that can be your niche. 

2. Every successful Instagram influence has an amazing feed that looks professional and somewhat exotic. If you’re a beginner, you can take inspiration from your competitions on what kind of content they put out and what time they usually post. 

3. To get a good amount of followers, you must post regularly while also making sure you’re posting high-quality content. 

10. Trade Domains

Though unconventional, this is a great work from home job. Invest in domains with a good SEO score and sell them off for more money. You can also purchase expired domains and sell it off for a higher share of the money. Trading domains is so much like trading shares as it comes with a lot of risks. After analyzing what domain to buy and what might sell, you might still lose money so it is always better to be extra careful while trading domains. This working from home job also has another aspect to it that requires you to rent out your website that has good traffic for people who would rather do that than build a brand new website from scratch. This is another way of making money online through the comfort of your homes. 

With so much free time in this quarantine period and the sheer will to earn some extra income, I hope this article helps you get a better and clear understanding of how to go about working from home jobs. When it comes to jobs like data typing or data entry remember to proceed with caution and do not pay a single penny for any job. Most of the fraudulent jobs ask for a certain amount of money in order to get a job. Anything is possible with the advancement of technology, even earning money from the comforts of your home. So what are you waiting for? Get to research and select the best out of the lot as your working from home job. 

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