How To DIY Your Own Set Of Distressed Denims at Home

The trend of distressed denims has taken over the world.  Denim is something that you can easily pair with your top, frock, Kurti, etc. However, distressed denims can be a little pricey if you get them readymade. So why not make them on your own at home?

Distressed denims are very easy to make at home in very little time and using just a few household items. You would have seen various types of distressed jeans like simple cuts or ripped. Making distressed jeans out of an old pair of denims is a great way to revamp them for a new look. Here is a complete guide on how you can make distressed jeans at home.

What You Need

Scissors or Box cutter

Hardboard or magazine

Chalk or marker

Tweezers  or Safety pin

Denim jeans

What You Need


Step 1 - Mapping the area where you want distressed

Begin with selecting the area where you want the cut in the denim. The best way is to wear them and then take a chalk or marker and make a mark. The best would be near the knees and thigh area but the choice is yours. Mark 2 -3  straight lines.

Step 2 - Setting the workstation

Once you are done with marking, take out your jeans and put them on the table. Make sure the table is heightened or you can put any shoebox for the base. Then put the magazine inside the jeans at the place where the mark is there for a hard base.

Step 3 - Start cutting

Now take a box cutter or scissors and start cutting out the marked area. Make sure you leave 1 inch or half-inch space between the first and the second cut. Make sure you cut in a straight line. It does not have to be perfect but it should not cross the other line.

Step 4 - Trimming and tweezing

Trimming and tweezing

Take a tweezer and flip the first cut. You will see white threads. Start tweezing them out and be careful to make them loose and extract them out without breaking them. Give it a rough look. Once you pull out you will be able to see the vertical line as well. Take them out carefully, Or cut them with scissors. 

Step 5 - Repeating on the other side

Now take the other side and start working on it just like the first side. The cuts do not have to match exactly. You can pick a different area to make the cut. Repeat the previous steps until you get the look you wanted.

Step 6 - Washing the jeans

Washing the jeans

Once all the steps are completed on both sides, you will need to wash the jeans so that the markings and extra threads disappear and a natural look can be achieved. Washing the jeans will give a natural look to the jeans.

Bonus Tips

1. You can bleach your jeans at home, in order to give a faded look. This will complement the distressed jeans perfectly.

2. Pair your distressed jeans with your favorite top or crop top for an uber-stylish look.