20 Benefits of Hot Yoga To Get You Started Right Away

Yoga has always been highly recommended and practiced throughout the generations for centuries now. One of the most trending variations of yoga that has recently gained much popularity in India is Hot yoga. For those who aren’t yet aware of Hot yoga and its benefits, with this post, you’ll get a deep insight into it and also the many benefits that come along.

Hot yoga benefits

Hot yoga is a type of Bikram yoga that is practiced in a closed room with hot and humid conditions of between 27° and 38°C and humidity of around 40 percent. It is a vigorous form of yoga that comprises any poses that can be practiced and are known for its many beneficial effects on the body’s health and fitness.

Here are 20 benefits of Hot Yoga and probably why you should start it soon too.

1. It helps in improving trunk flexibility, mainly arterial stiffness in young and older adult groups, with results most noted beneficial for the young adult groups.

2. It is already known to all that yoga helps in improving the strength of the body. Through several studies conducted around the world, it has been found that Hot yoga was proven to cause improvement for those with lower body strength and also expanding their range of motion.

3. Hot yoga has been proven to improve the steadiness and stability of young ones by increasing the balancing capacity manifolds, by almost more than 200% in their balancing time as conducted through studies. 

4. It has also been noticed that it improves leg strength and muscle control, thus reducing muscle cramps and fatigue, which is highly evident in today’s generation with changing lifestyles.

5. Through studies conducted over an extended period of 8 weeks, it has been found that hot yoga improves overall general body fitness. It significantly increases musculoskeletal fitness, including back and shoulder flexibility and also deadlift strength.

6.  As hot yoga leads to extreme sweating, it only causes loss of salts from the body significantly enough to not cause any harm, contrary to its popular belief of being bad for the bones. It was seen that hot yoga improved the strength of bones. Although participants are recommended to replenish their body with calcium, potassium, and fluid after every session of hot yoga to maintain the bodily fluids balance.

7. It also improves your breathing as hot yoga consists of a lot of poses that require control over the breathing flow, thus making the body to adapt towards increased control of breath during endurance activities. 

8.  Though some research and studies have shown that those participating in hot yoga had improvement in their sleeping habits. It was seen that they fell asleep sooner and for longer duration. Even if their sleep broke in between, it was seen that they stayed awake for shorter duration and fell asleep again faster than usual.

9. It is also reported that continuous hot yoga sessions have significant effectiveness in reducing stress levels and an increase in mindfulness. 

10. Hot yoga has proven to have a significant impact on the mental health of women. It showed a reduction in symptoms of depression, consisting of stress and emotional eating by almost 3 times than regular women with depressive symptoms.

11. Some feel that the increased mindful state in hot and humid situations during hot yoga sessions also helps them to stay calmer and an improved level of concentration in any situation in regular life.

12. The 90-minute sessions in hot yoga focus a lot on breathing techniques by holding long breaths, making the lungs more flexible and capable of holding a higher level of oxygen. This leads to the improvement in the lung capacity and cleanses the body systems. 

13. Hot yoga also helps in the methodical transport of oxygen throughout the body, which in return helps in purifying and removal of toxins from the body.

14. It is also a healthy alternative for weight loss as it has aerobic effects that help in burning calories. Those participating in hot yoga also tend to be mindful of their eating habits and maintain healthy meal intakes, thus promoting further weight loss.

15. With the increase in flexibility in joints and their motion ranges, it has also been seen to be highly effective in reducing back pains with regular sessions of hot yoga.

16. Depending on the poses practiced during hot yoga, it has been seen to be of low impact on the body, thus ideal for aerobic forms of exercise.

17. For menopausal women, hot yoga has proven to reduce hot flushes as the hot room allows the sequence to work deeper and faster, ensuring relief in hot and humid rooms.

18. Those who are practicing hot yoga over a longer period of time have been found to have improved glucose tolerance, especially with adults suffering from obesity and type 2 diabetes. It helps in burning more energy and reducing the circulating glucose levels in the bloodstream.

19. For those who want to feel the cardio buzz with actually doing cardio, hot yoga can feel closely similar to it, only making one feel more centered and grounded.

20. With the increase in popularity of hot yoga in the past few months, it is easily accessible at many gyms and centers around you, at the search of your fingertips.