5 Easy And Simple Ways To Kill That Stubborn Face Fat

People spend hours obsessing over their body fat that can be easily hidden under some layers of clothes. But people always forget about the stubborn face fat that just cannot be hidden and is quite visible to everyone. Unlike spending hours in the gym getting that beach body ready, no one puts two thoughts on how to get rid of the stubborn face fat. This face fat is what makes your face look bloated and chubby in all those selfies. 

Therefore, in this article, we are going to look at some amazing exercises to reduce face fat and give you that jawline you deserve. 

Stubborn Face Fat

1. Try Out The Fish Face 

This popular selfie face is one of the best exercises to reduce the stubborn face fat. Doing the fish face stretches and tones your cheek muscles that will ultimately leave you with a sleek and fat-free face. Just suck in your cheeks and lips like a fish and you have the fish face. You can do this exercise throughout the day, at any random hour, and get rid of the face fat within weeks.

2. Do The Cheekbone Lift

Getting Angelina Jolie approved cheekbones is now so easy and simple with this quick and easy exercise to reduce face fat. Following this exercise religiously will assure you defined cheekbones as opposed to the fat and flabby ones. Just put two fingers over each cheekbone and pull it gently towards your eyes. While doing this, form an ‘O’ with your mouth so that you feel resistance from your cheek muscles. Make sure to hold it for five seconds. Repeat the process for 10-15 sets and say goodbye to undefined cheekbones. 

3. Lock Your Tongue 

If you’re looking for a chiseled face and sharp jawlines then this is the exercise you should follow to reduce face fat. Just follow these easy steps and never look chubby in those selfies. Just touch the tip of your tongue with the upper wall of the mouth and keep forcing your tongue upwards until you can feel a strain in your neck. Continue doing this exercise to reduce face fat four or five times to see a difference and get rid of that unwanted double chin. 

4. Lips Pull For No Double Chin

This exercise will not only reduce your face fat but will also provide you with a natural facelift. Prepared to look younger and enhance your cheekbones and jawline. These easy steps can really work wonders. Lift your bottom lips over your upper lips and take it as far as it stretches towards the nose. If you feel a burning sensation in your neck and jaws, the exercise is working. Hold your lips in that position for about 10 seconds and repeat it 10 times for phenomenal results. 

5. Do The Neck Roll

This exercise to reduce face fat also works down the face and tones and relaxes the neck muscles. The technique works best on eliminating the menace that is the double chin. Sit on any flat surface and look straight ahead. Now start to rotate your head in circular motions, first clockwise and then anticlockwise. Make sure to keep your shoulders down and spine straight while following this routine. Do this for five minutes and say hi to selfies that will shake up your Gram.