Different Types of Room Freshners That Lift Your Mood

Nowadays wherever you go, you'll end with an air freshener. Some of these common places are offices, homes, bathrooms, public toilets, cars, schools, etc. Air fresheners are an important thing especially when it comes to clean hygiene rooms or space. Nothing can beat the fresh clean aromatic room. It has always been a mood freshener. When we enter any area like a car or any room, fresh odor always enhances our good mood. Air Freshener mostly helps to minimize bad odor and make space much more comfortable and inviting.

Types Of Room Freshners

1. Spray


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Aerosol-based air fresheners are nothing but spray air freshener which is common and easily available too. It acts immediately and covers up the bad smell. The fragrant liquid inside the bottle is pressurized with force due to which it volatiles and quickly spreads in the air. All you have to do is to spray the smelly area.

2. Aroma Oil Diffuser 

Aroma Oil Diffuser 

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It is nothing but an oil diffuser that diffuses fragrant oil into the air either when heated by a candle or by direct plug-in. Chosen aromatic fragrant oil is placed on top of the pot and is all set to freshen up the room. You can go with a non-electric candle one or an automated electric oil diffuser.

3. Automatic room Freshener

Automatic room Freshener

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It is battery operated. It is nothing but a spray room freshner which is battery operated. It will spray on room freshener at alternative time breaks. You can adjust the time duration of it's spray time.

4. Electric diffuser

Electric diffuser

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These are electric-based room fresheners. It is also a one type of automatic room freshener. It sends out a continuous wave of fragrance into the air. It will only work when it is plugged into the electric socket.

5. Reed diffuser

Reed diffuser

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Reeds are tall and stiff grasses which are excellent absorbent. Actually it works on the capillary action principle. When reeds are dipped partially in an essential oil bottle, it's fragrance goes up in reeds and gently diffuses in the room. It lasts 24hrs long which does not need fire, electricity, or ant physical fire like air or hand pressure. It is totally maintenance-free.

6. Gel cans

Gel air freshener is made of a gel base which is a polymer bed. Basically scent particles are trapped in these polymer beds of gel. When gel evaporates, these scent particles release in air and keep the room fresh for a longer duration. Many types of gel air fresheners are available which totally depend upon users where and what type of fragrances they wanna use. It can be used in rooms, bathrooms, and cars as well.

7. Cardboards


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They are the cheapest alternative when it comes to air Fresheners. It is mostly used in cars that are hung ideally in the rearview mirror or sunrays guard of your car or your bathroom. It is available in many fancy designs like trees, cupcakes, etc and in fragrances that go very well with your car. You can't use any other air freshener because either you are sensitive to that strong smell or it increases your travel sickness, then this is a perfect solution for you and for your car.

8. Pot-pourri

These are eco friendly old ways of room freshners but still a preferred way of many individuals. It is nothing but a dried variety of fragrant plant materials like flowers, leaves, etc. It can last from two to twenty years and even more which totally depends on storing techniques.