14 Designer Sarees With Blouse for Every Occasion

Finding the right saree is an ordeal in itself. Choosing the right saree design with an appropriate blouse for the occasion might seem like a lot of work. To add to the dilemma, you have your budget to consider. The options are endless. Therefore,in this article, we have rounded up some of the latest designer saree designs with a blouse that you will love to add to your collection for different occasions whether it’s a wedding function or college farewell. What’s more, these designs will not burn a hole in your pocket. Go ahead and enjoy these styles while we dig out more for you!

1. Printed Net Saree

Designer net saree

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Kangna Ranaut’s pastel green net saree with floral print is the definition of beauty in simplicity. Paired with a matching sleeveless blouse, even without any jewelry or accessories, this look has won our hearts with the muted color and the elegance it exudes. It is an excellent choice for casual parties or farewell functions and at Rs. 758, it is affordable as well.

2. Bandhani Print Saree

You can never go wrong with Bandhani print. Also known as Bandhej, this is a tie and dye method that was originally used to dye Odhnis and turbans in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Designer Bandhani Saree

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This exquisite royal pink saree made of Georgette fabric is perfect for day functions and outdoor events. You can pair it with a plain blouse so as not to take the focus off the saree. The color will suit all skin tones. The blouse shown in the picture is made of silk fabric in the color beige. Accessories that go well with Georgette sarees are traditional necklaces and heavy bangles, a sign of traditional Gujarati opulence. Mira Rajput stole hearts in a pink Bandhani saree similar to this last Karvachauth.

If you want something more casual you can opt for the same print in a bright yellow, Chiffon saree below.

Designer Bandhani Saree Chiffon

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3. Leheriya Print Saree

Another hidden gem from Western India is the Leheriya print. The name is derived from the wave-like pattern created using bright colors to invoke the visual image of flowing water. The result is extremely soothing to the eye. This design is generally used on flowy Georgette or Chiffon sarees. In the picture below, you can see the mesmerizing beauty of this design. A sleeveless blouse in a vibrant color should go well with a Leheriya print saree. 

Designer Leheriya Saree

                                                             Image credit: Pinterest

4. Bengali Saree

The symbol of Bengali culture, this red and white Banarasi sarees do not need an introduction. Apart from the cultural significance associated with it, this saree emanates a certain regal charm. If you are a fan of Indian ethnic wear, you must have this saree in your wardrobe. There is no better choice for festive wear.

The blouse in the picture is red in color with net sleeves. Since white is the prominent color in this saree, you can go heavy on the jewelry as well. Gold jewelry would go perfectly with this saree. And of course, do not forget the big red Bindi and traditional hair ornaments!

Designer Bengali Saree

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5. Chiffon Saree

Nothing spells youthful charm like chiffon. This flowy fabric has been the savior for those of us who prefer comfort in our sarees. Chiffon sarees like the ones displayed below come in a variety of colors and patterns. From bubbly, bright-colored prints to fancy party wear designs, there is something for every occasion.

Designer Saree Chiffon

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This navy blue saree with a thin golden border and subdued print would be an ideal choice for an evening out. The light green one with floral print will make for the perfect summer outfit. You can wear it with a bright-colored blouse for a casual yet stylish look. If you are opting for a solid saree, a printed long or short-sleeved blouse will be a perfect choice.

6. Half and Half Saree

Half and half is the latest trend in sarees. Bollywood actress Tamanna wore a half and half saree which had two gorgeous shades of blue. Notice how the simple blouse design enhances the appeal of her saree. This saree can also be paired with a Banarasi silk blouse as in the picture below or you can choose a contemporary blouse design in fabrics like velvet or lace.

Designer Saree HalfnHalf

Image credit: Pinterest

Since the saree is translucent, the neckline of your blouse will be visible. This means you can pick a flattering design that accentuates your best features. You can also go for an accessory heavy look to complement the subtle saree.

Designer half and half Saree

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7. Solid Satin Saree

When it comes to effortless elegance, satin sarees are unparalleled in their appeal. The fabric itself is light, has gloss without bling, and goes well with most blouse designs. Not to mention the affordability factor which makes it the ideal choice when you are on a budget.

Satin designer saree

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This solid wine-colored silk satin saree is all you need for your next evening function. You can opt for silver jewelry to add a touch of glamour to the outfit. A designer purse or clutch will complete your look perfectly.

Shilpa Shetty Satin Saree

                                                 Image credit: https:Pinterest

8. Phulkari Work Saree

Holi, the festival of colors is just around the corner. What better opportunity would you get to don a beautiful Phulkari embroidered saree!. Phulkari is an embroidery literally meaning ‘flower work’. It originated in Punjab and has been around since the 15th century. A good quality Phulkari saree will serve you for ages to come.

Designer Phulkari Saree

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This gorgeous mustard-colored saree made of Chinnon fabric has intricate Phulkari work all over the Pallu and border. Pick out a color from the saree and get a plain Georgette blouse stitched. You will rock that party with this perfect blend of tradition and style.

9. Banarasi Saree

A Banarasi saree, richly embroidered with golden zari work is the very definition of elegance. Banarasi sarees are available in vibrant hues and intricate designs. In authentic Banarasi sarees, the fabric used is a variant of silk, known as Banarasi silk. This exquisite saree weaving technique was brought to India by the Mughals and has since evolved into one of the most popular choices in sarees. While Banarasi sarees are typically heavier to carry, they exude an aura of sophistication. This explains why some of our favorite veteran actresses swear by this saree (think Vidya Balan).

Designer Banarasi Saree

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We have picked a beautiful design in off white and maroon colors with a heavy Zari work throughout. The blouse is a matching design in brocade fabric. It is best to pair a Banarasi sarees with a silk or brocade blouse in matching patterns. These sarees can be worn with heavy or light on the jewelry as per your preference.

10. Cotton Saree

Designer Cotton Saree

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If you want to go for a semi-formal or comfortable yet classy look, cotton sarees would be the ideal choice. For reference, we have selected this cream-colored cotton saree with mirror work along the border. This is an outfit that can be turned into casual as well as dressy with accessories. You can opt for a spaghetti strap or halter-neck blouse in black or maroon to go with this saree.

In the above picture, the model is wearing an eccentric black necklace that hangs close to her neck and a simple cotton blouse without sleeves. The gold jeweler would not be ideal for this look. However black metal or bohemian jewelry would amp up the glam factor of your saree.

11. Lace Saree

Designer Lace saree

                                                                       Image credit: Pinterest

We cannot stop gushing about this beautiful off white lace saree worn by Deepika Padukone. She has paired it with a sequence blouse and tied up her hair in an elegant bun. No ornaments or accessories were necessary to complete this partywear look. That is the charm of lace sarees! You can opt for a matching blouse or one in a contrasting color.

12. Georgette Saree

Georgette Designer Saree

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This Georgette saree is apt for a casual event or outing or a formal occasion. If you are looking for a printed saree for your college farewell or office lunch, this is the one for you. The color combination and the pattern will make your body appear slender. In general, Georgette sarees tend to create a tall and slender silhouette while being easy to carry. You can wear a matching black blouse or red blouse  A chain and pendant with hoops or danglers would be enough to complete your casual yet trendy outfit.


13. Chanderi Silk Saree

Chanderi, named after its place of origin, is another regional masterpiece that has only grown in its appeal over time. The rich texture of this fabric comes from the intricate weaving techniques that are used. Much like Banarasi sarees, Chanderi ethnic wear is often embellished with zari work and heavy borders.

Designer Red Chanderi Saree

                                                          Image credit: Pinterest

This stunning red saree is no less than a work of art. Notice the subtle yet distinct weaving in the pattern. Paired with a linen or silk blouse, this saree can transform you into a diva this festive season. If you want to add jewelry and accessories, go for handmade necklaces and earrings and a jute purse.


14. Kanjivaram Silk Saree

The timeless Kanjivaram is hailed as the ‘queen of sarees’, and for good reason! Traditionally worn by brides in South India, Kanjivaram is considered to be the finest quality silk in the country. These sarees have gained international recognition through Bollywood movies. Most of the latest saree designs in Kanjivaram sarees have been inspired by movies. In the movie ‘Chennai Express’, Deepika Padukone was seen wearing Kanjivaram silk traditional sarees almost exclusively. As you can see in the pictures below, the more vibrant the color, the better the saree will look.

Designer Kanjivaram Saree

                                                   Image credit: Pinterest

Designer Kanjivaram Saree

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You can recreate this look with a bright colored Kanjivaram saree and gold jewelry. In this design, the combination of bright yellow and pink would be universally flattering. However, even the most unusual shades will work in a Kanjivaram style saree. The color of the blouse which is made of brocade matches the saree's border. As for jewelry, you can go heavy-handed with statement pieces in gold and a Kamarband to complete the look.

In the last fifty years, designer saree trends have evolved alongside everyday fashion. Each decade has seen numerous new trends and styles. Designers have experimented with various fabrics, embellishments, and colors. Today, saree designs range from minimalist to bold, all unique in their charm. There are various ways to wear sarees. While you may have certain favorites, we would recommend that you try as many designs as you can lay your hands on. You never know what you might find!