11 Latest Blouse Sleeve Designs You Should Try This Year

Not quite sure how to tell the difference between a Kimono and a Ruffle sleeve? You’re not alone. Gone are the days when blouse hand designs could be classified as long, short or sleeveless. Today, there are as many sleeve designs as there are necklines. With rapidly changing trends in contemporary fashion designers struggle to keep up with each other and with the West. This has led to a shift in the perspective from which Indian ethnic wear is viewed. Designer sleeves are the new rage when it comes to saree blouses.

Today, we have broken down the 11 latest blouse sleeve designs along with our top picks in each category to help you out.

1. Cap Sleeves

Apart from being very short in length,(merely inches from the shoulder) this type of sleeve has no fabric under the arm, which makes the shape look like a cap. Interestingly, cap sleeves were first used in undergarments in the U.S during the first World War. It was not until the 1990s that the cap sleeve made its presence felt in women’s wear. In India, cap sleeves began to appear in bridal Lehengas and saree blouse designs in the last decade.

Cap Sleeve Blouse Design

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In the above picture, the beautiful royal blue and pink blouse has classic cap sleeves with a sweetheart neckline. The fabrics used are satin and Jacquard. The best neck designs for cap sleeves are sweetheart, scoop and square necklines.

2. Full Sleeves

This type of sleeve works best if you want full coverage of your arms or if you want to show off your blouse. The sleeve can be sheer or opaque depending on your preference. In sheer or illusion sleeves, thin net or lace material is used from the shoulder to the wrist. Numerous designs are available in full sleeves including embroidery and stonework. Lace sleeves are the current sensation in ethnic fashions. However, it is important to make sure that the sleeve fits your arm perfectly or you will look sloppy. The design displayed below is a beautifully embellished white with a round neck pattern and long sleeves.

White Full Sleeve blouse Design

                                                           Image credit: https://pinterest.com

3. Three-quarter sleeves

Another sub-category of blouse sleeve designs based on length is the three-quarter sleeve which can end anywhere between your elbow and wrist. This style works best with printed blouses.

The latest trend in three quarter length blouses is Kalamkari print which works well with plain sarees in any fabric. As with full sleeves,Lace is another popular choice with three quarter length sleeves as well. This simple but classy sleeve design is ideal when you want to flaunt your fancy bangles or watch or if your blouse pattern is colorful.

Three Quarter Blouse Sleeve Design

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This blue printed blouse is sophisticated and comfortable to wear. The neckline of this blouse is round. In the second picture. However, this sleeve length can complement most necklines, including high neck and Mandarin collar designs. For festive wear, you can pick a heavily embellished sleeve design with Zari or Gota Patti work.

4. Half Sleeves

The most popular sleeve length, the half sleeve can be seen everywhere. Of late, the popularity of this sleeve length has declined as more women opt for the new and upcoming trends in sleeve styles. However, if you are uncertain about how long your blouse sleeve should be, you can blindly pick this design. In fact, you can go for a cold shoulder half sleeve as well. We have discussed more about the cold shoulder blouse design in the next section. If you opt for a half sleeve blouse, we would encourage you to customize it using your creativity. If you want to keep your sleeve simple, go for unconventional neck designs.

Half Sleeve blouse design

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5.Petal Sleeves

As is clear from its name, this is a delicate and uber-feminine sleeve design. The patterns are usually delicate and the cuts add to the oomph factor of the blouse. The blouse neck designs can be as simple or as intricate as you choose. We have selected a few blouses with Petal sleeves to give you more clarity on the patterns.


petal sleeve blouse design

                              Image credit: https://pinterest.com

Petal sleeve blouse design


6.Sleeveless Blouse

The ultimate celebrity favorite, sleeveless blouses are always in vogue. The reason could be that it draws attention towards the saree you are wearing while raising the glam factor of the entire ensemble. Sleeveless blouses also give off a contemporary vibe. Some basic designs and patterns of sleeveless blouses can be seen in the pictures below.

However, ‘sleeveless’ is a wide category and the style of the sleeve can still vary from spaghetti straps to tank top style and halter neck. We will discuss each of these designs in detail.


Sleeveless blouse design

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Sleeveless designer blouse

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7. Spaghetti Strap Blouse

When you think of spaghetti strap blouses, the image of Mandira Bedi comes to mind. This B-town diva is almost solely responsible for popularizing this bold and ultra-glam design in saree blouses. You can see one of her stylish saree looks in the picture below. While spaghetti straps may not be for everyone, we still want you to try one out with any lightweight saree. It is a globally acknowledged timeless classic. It is also perfect if you want to go for a strapless blouse but wants a little more support.

Spaghetti strap blouse design

                                              Image credit: https://pinterest.com

8. Off-Shoulder Blouse

The Off-shoulder trend is everywhere! Previously seen in dresses and tops this style is now popular in saree blouses as well. And why shouldn’t it be! It draws attention towards your collar bone, balances out your body and looks gorgeous on everyone. The sleeves in an off-shoulder blouse lie on your upper arm and can be long or short as per your choice. It is best to keep the pattern on your blouse simple and fabrics like velvet, lace, and silk work best for this sleeve design.

Black off shoulder blouse

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In the blouse shown in the above picture, the black velvet fabric will be comfortable and easy to carry. As for accessories, you cannot go wrong with a Choker and matching hoops.

9.Cold Shoulder/ Cut-Out Sleeve

A variant of the off-shoulder design, the cold shoulder blouse or cut out sleeves blouse can be a better choice for those who are not comfortable with revealing a lot of skin. Cut-out sleeves come in various patterns as shown below. As with off-shoulder blouses, cut out designs are best kept simple and free of embellishments. In the pictures below you can see how effortlessly glamorous these designs look. These sleeves work best with simple necklines and minimal accessories.

Cold shoulder blouse sleeve design

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10. Kimono Sleeves

Kimono sleeves are the hottest runway trend at the moment. This sleeve design is inspired by the traditional Japanese festive attire known as ‘Kimono’. This is a long gown made of silk and adorned with floral patterns. The sleeves in a Kimono are wide and comfortable. Kimono-style shrugs and dresses have become popular in the last five years. Eventually, Indian designers adopted this style in ethnic wear as well, particularly the sleeve design.

Kimono sleeve blouse design

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Kimono style blouses are tricky to pull off and need to be picked carefully. The sleeves can be any length. The stunning design in the picture above is versatile and will go perfectly with most saree designs. The blouse has subtle ruffle detailing around the simple boat neckline which amps up the blouse. Paired with a simple saree in a contrast color, this blouse will make for the perfect outfit. You will not need accessories with this blouse as it will naturally draw attention to your face.

11. Bell/ Ruffle Sleeves

This Bell shaped sleeve design is quite popular in tops as well as Kurtis. However, it is being preferred by celebrities as it is a welcome change from the usual straight sleeves. This design also works as a statement piece on its own. The bell sleeve design made its way to India through runway fashion shows and has not looked back since.

bell sleeve blouse design

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Another variation of the statement sleeve is the Ruffled sleeve design. In the second picture above, the ruffles add a boho-chic element to the otherwise traditional blouse. This is a 70’s inspired look which adds drama to your outfit. It will work well with most blouse neck designs.

The sleeve of your blouse can be the focal point of your outfit. Before you select a blouse sleeve design for your silk saree, take a look at as many catalogs as possible and shortlist a few styles that appeal to you. Also keep the occasion, weather, and venue in mind when you browse for designer blouses. When opting for an unconventional sleeve pattern, your hairstyle will be another key factor to consider. No matter which design you pick, the most important thing is to feel confident in your own skin and you will rock any look.