17 Latest Saree Blouse Back Designs with Images for 2020

Spring season has officially arrived. And that means it’s time to let go of your hoodies and jackets. It’s time to embrace change and upgrade your wardrobe. Instead of wearing the same old patterns and colors, why not experiment with new trends? The ever-evolving world of ethnic fashion has brought us a plethora of new designs and patterns in sarees and blouses. We have picked out the 17 latest blouse back designs and style tips to help you give your ethnic wardrobe that much-needed makeover. You can also check out our post on designer back blouses under Rs.800 for some of the trendiest yet affordable blouse designs.

1.String Closure Blouse Back Design


String Closure Blouse Back Design

Image Credit: Instagram

Every woman should own at least one classy blouse with string closure at the back. This designer blouse will look best with heavy traditional sarees. You can accessorize the look with light jewelry and an elaborate hair updo.

  • Neck Design: Deep-U
  • Blouse Fabric: Cotton, Crepe Ideal
  • Saree Type: Zari work Silk Sarees, Banarasi Sarees

2.Tie-up Back Design with Bow

Tie up Blouse Back Design

Image Credit: Instagram

If you want to “dress to kill” we have just the right blouse design for you. The Tie-up style bac is a great choice when you want a fusion of contemporary and traditional looks.

  • Neck Design: Deep-V
  • Blouse Fabric: Cotton, Georgette
  • Ideal Saree Type: Solid Chiffon Sarees, Georgette Embroidered Sarees

3.Sheer Blouse Back Design

Sheer Blouse Back Design

Image Credit: Instagram

There is nothing boring about a sheer back blouse.It will add a sensual touch to your ensemble and make you look like a million bucks even when you are on a budget.

  • Neck Design: Deep-V
  • Blouse Fabric: Cotton or Crepe
  • How to Style: Zari work Silk Sarees, Banarasi Sarees

4.Collar Style Blouse Back Design

Collar Style Blouse Back Design

Image Credit: Instagram

The very definition of modernity, these contemporary blouses with collar neck design are perfect for any casual event or function. If you want to stand out at your college farewell or office party, get a collar style sleeveless blouse with a cut-out back.

  • Neck Design: Shirt Collar 
  • Blouse Fabric: Cotton or Crepe
  • How to Style: Zari work Silk Sarees, Banarasi Sarees

5.Lace Back Blouse Design

Lace Work Blouse BackLace Blouse Back Design

Image 1 Credit: Instagram

For those who are not comfortable with sheer back blouses, the lace back blouse is your holy grail. Lace as a fabric is extremely versatile and easy to style.

  •  Neck Design: Round
  •  Fabric: Lace with Georgette Lining
  • How to Style: Printed Chiffon or Georgette Sarees, Solid Satin and Net Sarees

6.Sweetheart Back with Tie-up Detail

Sweetheart Back with Tie-up detail blouse back Design

Image Credit: Instagram

Our beloved sweetheart back blouse has a lovely tie-up detail that will flatter all body shapes. The edge of this blouse can be lined with a shimmery border that matches with your saree for added effect.

  • Neck Design: Round or Princess Cut
  •  Fabric: Georgette, Brocade, Silk
  • How to Style: Traditional Silk sarees, Tie and Dye sarees

7.Halter-Neck Blouse Design

Halter Neck Blouse Back Design

Image Credit: Instagram

Halter neck meesho blouse back design


For your next office party or evening function, the halter neck blouse can help you achieve the celebrity look without looking overdone. Our pick is a lovely yet affordable design priced at Rs 450.Download Meesho App for similar designer blouses in different colors.

  • Blouse Neck Design: Deep-V
  • Blouse Fabric: Brocade
  • How to Style: Any Partywear saree, Handloom Sarees


8.Beadwork Blouse Back Design

Beadwork Blouse Back Designs

Image Credit: Instagram

If you are bored of the classic blouse back neck designs, you can experiment with different details. This blouse design has replaced the traditional thread closure with beadwork at the back. This style is close to backless to emphasize the beadwork detail. It might, however, highlight any back fat you have.

  • Blouse Neck Design: Round
  • Blouse Fabric: Georgette
  • How to Style: Net Sarees, Chiffon Sarees, Georgette Sarees


9.V-shaped Back with Lacework

V-shaped blouse back design

Image Cresit: Instagram

Lace back blouses are trending this season and for good reason. They are versatile and work well with almost any saree you pair them with.

  • Blouse Neck Design: Round
  • Blouse Fabric: Georgette
  • How to Style: Net and Lace Sarees, Chiffon Sarees, Georgette Sarees

10.T-shape Blouse Back Design

T Shaped Blouse Back Design

Image credit: Instagram

One of the contemporary blouse designs, the T-shaped back is a great choice if you want to look different yet stylish. So grab this blouse before the trend catches on.

  • Neck Design: Halter neck
  • Blouse Fabric: Georgette
  • How to Style: Net and Lace Sarees, Chiffon Sarees, Georgette Sarees

11.Off Shoulder Blouse Back Design

Off Shoulder Blouse Back Designs


To get this design in different colors, download Meesho App.

Flaunt your perfect beauty bones with the off-shoulder blouse. Off-shoulder blouses are unique in their appeal and have gained tremendous popularity in recent years.

  • Neck Design: Round
  • Blouse Fabric: Georgette
  • How to Style: Net and Lace Sarees, Chiffon Sarees, Georgette Sarees

Cut-out Back Patterns

The cut-out style blouse has been a favorite of Indian women and designers alike. There is a lot of variety in this design as the cut out can be any shape you want. We have found some unique designs with different cut out shapes from a simple heart to a more elaborate floral cut-out shape. Check out these stylish cut out back patterns below.

12.Heart Shape Cut-Out Back Blouse 

Heart Cut out back blouse design

Get this blouse at Rs 420 on Meesho

While round and oval-shaped cut-out patterns can be seen everywhere, a heart-shaped cut-out blouse is not so commonly seen. This blouse has a simple, classic inverted heart cut-out back that is perfect for any occasion.

  • Blouse Neck Design: Round
  • Fabric: Art Silk
  • How to Style: Traditional Zari work Sarees, Silk Sarees

13.Ethnic Motif Cut-out Back Blouse 

Cut out back blose design meesho

We have seen quite a few different cut-out back patterns for blouses. This design is one of the heavier ones that you can wear for evening functions.

  • Neck Design: Sweetheart
  • Blouse Fabric: Velvet
  • How to Style: Net and Lace Sarees, Chiffon Sarees, Georgette Sarees

14.Flower Shape Cut-out Blouse Back Design

Flower Cut out blouse back design

If you have to attend a wedding function and want a traditional blouse with a modern twist, this is the design for you. Instead of the flower-shaped cut-out, you can opt for just a petal or lotus cut out design.

  • Neck Design: Scoop Neck, Round Neck
  • Blouse Fabric: Silk
  • How to Style: Cotton and Taant Sarees, Chiffon printed sarees

15. Crisscross Olive Partywear Blouse

Criss cross olive blouse back design

You cannot have too many party wear blouses and that’s a fact. This stunning olive blouse has a unique variation of the cut-out back design and will look gorgeous with any party wear saree.

  • Neck Design: Sleeveless U-Neck
  • Blouse Fabric: Brocade, Jacquard
  • How to Style: Embellished or Sequin work sarees

16.Sweetheart Mirror Work Blouse 

Sweetheart Mirror work blouse back design

The intricate mirror work is cherry on top of this lovely blouse. Since the blouse itself is heavy, keep your saree simple and accessories minimal.

  • Neck Design: Sweetheart Neckline
  • Blouse Fabric: Georgette, Silk
  • How to Style: Kanjivaram Silk Sarees, Banarasi Sarees

17.Backless Blouse Design

Backless Blouse Back Design

Image Credit: Instagram

For the more adventurous ladies out there, backless blouses are a gift from the Gods. This glamorous blouse design will be perfect for a cocktail party.

The back design you choose will decide what look you present. Make sure you pick a design that flatters your body shape and suits your personality. We have selected some of the latest designs and patterns. However, you can make a simple blouse design look fancy by adding details like tassels ruffles or trying new cuts.

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