7 Easy Healthy Complete Body Exercises To Do At Home

Regular easy exercises done at home offer countless benefits. It boosts your system, improves your bone health, and lowers health risks like heart problems, diabetes, and lots of more life-threatening diseases. Most people give brilliant excuses for not exercising regularly. Being too busy is that the most typical excuse one makes. But, with proper planning, you'll take it to slow out of your hectic schedule for your future own well-being. There's little question that regular exercise is the best path to measure fit and healthy life. to start with exercises, you don’t really want to hit the gym! You begin at home! It's going to seem a little confusing at the start to begin exercising without a mentor. Begin with a short session of easy-to-do exercises. 

Basically these easy exercises to do at home need deficient or no equipment. you'll use your weight itself as a replacement for the equipment. 

1. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks

This easy exercise to do at home targets the full body. Jumping jacks are the simplest of cardio exercises. They boost stamina and make you stronger, flexible by improving your stability. Stand straight with your feet together and hands on your sides. Jump together raising your arms above your head and keep your feet apart. Reverse the movement immediately and go back to the first position. Start doing it faster



It’s the most effective easy exercise to do at home for rock hard abs. An easy exercise for beginners for stronger abs and to strengthen your shoulder, arms, and back, there may be many variations of planks. Get into a pushup position with elbows bent at 90 degrees keeping your weight on your forearms. Ensure that your body forms a line from your head to the feet. Hold on to the position as long as you're able to. 

3. Cross Crunches

Cross Crunches

This easy exercise strengthens the core and strengthens your abdominal muscles. Lie flat on your back. Place both the hands loosely behind your head. Now, bring your right shoulder and elbow across your body and bring your left knee towards your left shoulder. Attempt to touch your knee with your elbow. Return to the first position and repeat it with the left elbow. 

4. High Knees Exercise

High Knees Exercise

It helps you work on inner thighs and outer hip areas. It’s a good belly fat burning exercise too! You need to have a straight posture first and then lift your right knee and left arm at the same time and vice versa. Reverse the move. Continue pulling knees up quickly.

5. Push-ups Exercise

Push-ups Exercise

This is one of the best exercises to do at home that builds your chest muscles. Get down on the floor and keep your hands shoulder-width apart. Ensure that your body forms a straight line. Begin to lower your body keeping elbows close to your torso. Repeat the exercise in 2-3 sets.

6. Russian Twist

Russian Twist

It’s an efficient workout for the abdomen. It improves body balance and helps you retain shape. Sit together with your torso leaning back at about 45 degrees, knees bent, feet elevated a little in a way that should seem like an imaginary v shape between upper body and thighs. Your body should form a line from head to feet. Hold on to the position and repeat on the opposite side too! 

7. Squats


This exercise strengthens lower body muscles for men. It does have many variations though. Bend your knees and squat down keeping them in line with your feet. Start with 25 squats daily then increase as you gain more stamina.

Pro Tip: Before you start, don’t forget to warm up for a minimum of 5 minutes! It’s important to properly warm-up before exercising to forestall any injuries, stretch your muscles and joints. Jog for a few minutes to increase your heart rate Stretch yourself so start with the daily exercise routine! Remember, health is wealth. It’s never too late to start! Plan your day. Be determined, take away a while from your busy day, and begin these simple exercises.