10 Ideas To Remove Dirty Stains From Your Carpet

One reason that individuals love carpeting—besides its warmth and softness—is that it requires less maintenance than hard-surface floors. Frequent vacuuming and an occasional deep-clean scrubbing is often all that’s required to keep carpet looking new and fresh. 

10 Ideas To Remove Dirty Stains From The Carpet At Home:

1.   How To Clean Your Carpet For Blot Stains: 

Don't Rub the stain when a spill first occurs, resist the urge to  start scrubbing right away. If you rub the stain it gets penetrated deep into the carpet and becomes difficult to remove the stain. Instead, gently dab stains with a cleaning solution and a clean cloth, towel, or sponge. The secret is blotting. Blotting puts a little amount of pressure on the stain, so you'll soak it up. Rubbing too hard will cause the fibers of the carpet to get damaged. And always blot from the outer reaches of the stain inward toward the center; blotting outward can spread the stain further across the carpet.

2. How To Clean Your Carpet Using The Soda Water Process:

You may have heard that you can just use soda water to get rid of beer and wine stains from carpeting, which is true—if you employ it correctly. First, pour soda water onto a clean cloth and blot the stain. If the stain appears lighter, repeat with more soda water. If that does not work, mix a one-to-one ratio of white vinegar and water, and pour it into a handheld spray bottle. You can spray this combined solution of vinegar and water onto the area that has these stains and let it soak for 15 minutes. Next, press a clean, dry sponge down onto the saturated area to absorb the cleaning solution and therefore the diluted stain, too. Repeat this process, if necessary, until the complete stain is gone. As the stains are removed you need to rinse the stained spot with warm water and then brush the carpet. Finally, lay several towels over the carpet. The towels will absorb the dampness from the carpet; leave them in a ventilated place until the carpet will become dry in about 24 hours.

3. How To Clean Your Carpet Using Shaving Soap:

The simplest carpet cleaner for general stains is—believe it or not—ordinary shaving soap. It will remove nearly every type of stain. Apply the shaving soap on to the stain and let it sit for about half-hour. Once the shaving soap has set, blot it up with a dry white cloth. Finish by spraying the stained area with a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water, so then you can wipe away the shaving soap with a cloth.

4. How To Clean Your Carpet Using Freeze-Dried Gum:

Here’s an all-too-familiar scenario: You step on the chewing gum out on the road and as you enter the house you realize that gum is on your carpet. Do not worry, the trick for removing gum from carpeting is often found in your freezer. Take some ice cubes and apply pressure with these ice cubes against the gum for about a minute. Once this is done the gum will become frozen and hard then you can use a spoon to remove the frozen gum. You can use a pair of scissors to cut only those strands of the carpet that have been spoilt by the gum. If you cut only the affected small portion of the carpet strands, the spot is undetectable. 

5. How To Clean Your Carpet Using Dish Soap Cuts Grease: 

Greasy spills are one of the foremost difficult to get rid of stains from carpeting, but again, the key is to use the right product and technique: Place some drops of grease-cutting dish soap, like Dawn, into a cup of warm water. Gently mix the answer to dissolve the soap.

Add this solution mixture of warm water and dish soap solution in a bottle and spray this solution on the grease stains. Then dry the area with towels. Depending on the size and depth of the stain you might have to repeat this procedure multiple times.

6. How To Clean Your Carpet Using Heat Hardened Wax:

Burning candles within the house may result in wax dripping onto the carpet, where it quickly hardens and becomes embedded within the fibers. As the wax becomes hard and dries, it is advisable to heat the wax back to a semi-liquid state so as to get rid of it. In order to melt the wax, place a cloth on the wax strands on the carpet. Then set the iron on top of the cloth which is covering the wax. Scrape off the softened wax with a table knife.

7. How To Clean Your Carpet Using Hydrogen Peroxide to the Rescue:

Carpet strains like the blood strains are very noticeable and unhygienic. Blood dries very soon and sticks to the carpet. In order to remove these blood strains, we have hydrogen peroxide to our rescue. Relax first you have loosened the dried blood with the solution of water mixed with a gentle detergent. Then use a table knife to scrape off the maximum amount of blood from the fibers as possible. To remove any residual blood, apply full-strength hydrogen peroxide on to the stain. This solution will immediately start to foam when it contacts the blood so do not be surprised. Wait for a few mins and then dry the hydrogen peroxide and remaining blood with a towel. 

8. How To Clean Your Carpet Using Clean Pet Accidents:

If you reside with pets, it’s only a matter of your time before one in every of them has an accident on the carpet. Using organic cleaners instead of caustic chemicals is the preferred choice. Spray the cleaner directly on the stain. Scrubbing is a must in order to remove the stain and order. After which you can clean the stained area with a white cloth.

9. How To Clean Your Carpet Using Candy Crushed:

If you have got kids within the house, sooner or later you’ll end with candy stuck within the carpet. You need to scrape out the candy with a sharp object such as a knife. Then, soak the stained area with a sponge dipped in water mixed with mild soap. Make sure to remove all the sugar, if not that spot on the carpet will attract more dirt than the encircling area, Once the candy is removed, dry the spot by blotting it with a fabric or paper towels.

10. How To Clean Your Carpet Using Deep-Clean Regularly: 

The best thanks to keep carpeting looking fresh and new is to deep-clean it regularly employing a steam cleaner. Steam cleaning involves employing a cleaning solution struggling to be injected deep into the carpet via water-jet nozzles. And also the machine will extract the cleaning solution together with the dirt and debris within the carpet. Apply hot water and steam while cleaning the carpet. This hot steam will penetrate deeply into the carpet and remove all the dust deposits that will make your carpet clean.