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More About Reselling Block Keyboard
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Give Your PC a Makeover with a Brand New Block Keyboard

The one-and-a-half years of COVID lockdown saw most of India's workforce turning their homes into new offices. While this situation was more or less welcome across the country, it did require a lot of work, especially concerning gadgets. 

If you have made an office in your own home and are thinking of giving your laptops or your PCs a makeover, here's a suggestion for you. Instead of changing the entire set, you could change just a part - like a block keyboard - and get your old system going without any hassle. 

External Block Keyboards for Laptops

It is understood that laptops come with their own attached keyboards. Despite that, it is often advisable to work with an external keyboard if the user is working for prolonged hours on the laptop. Here are a few vital reasons you should upgrade your laptop with an external block keyboard:

Optimal Distance from the Screen

The laptops, which are compact versions of computers, offer little distance from the screen, which necessarily causes eye irritation and other issues when working for long hours. Adding an external keyboard increases this space and makes the user relaxed while working. 

No Heat Under Fingertips

Since laptops work as compact units, the heat generated when running for prolonged hours is transferred to the in-built keyboard and the touchpad. As a result, it messes with your work. And definitely, when you're working on an important project, you wouldn't want to be bothered by such flaws, right?

No Accidentally Touching Touchpads

Often, especially when you're typing in a hurry on your laptop, your hand touches the touchpad and causes typing errors. It happens more often than not, even to the fastest typists. But adding an extra keyboard solves this issue forever.

Keeping Your Laptop Neat

No more spilling coffee and nibbles on your laptop. It's natural to binge eat while working from home for prolonged hours. However, do not let your laptop suffer and become a trash board because of this. Bring home a swanky new keyboard and give your laptop a new life. 

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