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Amazing Jars & Containers
Amazing Jars & Containers
Amazing Jars & Containers
Amazing Jars & Containers
    Amazing Jars & Containers



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    Material : Plastic

    Type : Others

    Features : Freezersafe

    Product Breadth : 30 Cm

    Product Height : 18 Cm

    Product Length : 15 Cm

    Pack Of : Pack Of 3

    These boxes are in rectangular shape which saves more space in your kitchen cabinet, refrigerator, and dining table. -It also stackable so that you can arrange the boxes neatly in a small place without any mess. -Food storage container with lid keeps product fresher longer. -Ideal for salad, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, tomato, celery, onions, peppers, green bean, apples, orange, banana, berry, strawberry, grape, melon, lemon, egg, potato, meat, and fishes. Multipurpose Kitchen Fridge Containers* : -Save space and get quick & easy access to your favorite foods and pantry items, you will save time and have a better idea of which food items you have on hand, organize bins by food categories.

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