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13-in-1 Manual Vegetable Grater,Chipser and Slicer
    13-in-1 Manual Vegetable Grater,Chipser and Slicer



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    Body Material : Plastic

    Blade Material : Stainless Steel

    Ideal For : Fruits And Vegetables

    Product Breadth : 13 Cm

    Product Height : 12 Cm

    Product Length : 29 Cm

    Pack of : pack of 1

    14-in-1 jumbo manual vegetable grater, chipper and slicer

    avoid the hassle and inconvenience of using different tools such as knives, peelers, shredders and cutting boards for your cutting and chopping needs in the kitchen. The quick vegetable dicer is the perfect solution to all cutting, chopping, dicing, slicing, peeling and shredding tasks in your kitchen. Highly durable and sturdy plastic container with a strong rubber base at the bottom for enhanced grip, the quick plastic dicer makes it easy to cut your favorite fruits and vegetables on a kitchen table-top.

    High quality stainless steel and are extremely sharp for easy cutting operation. These blades are built to last for a long time, so you can continue grating cheese, peeling potatoes, dicing onions or slicing pineapples for years, even with regular use.

    Easy to clean and maintain : featuring a unique push-to-clean button mechanism, the quick plastic dicer, cleaning and maintaining this device is a breeze.

    Country of Origin : india

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